Sadly not me. John D Liu, has put together this small film to highlight the benefits of bio diversity and stable ecosystems. A wonderful view for those who care and have time.

John poses a question at the end. In my jaundiced view the answer is greed and lack of concern for others.

It is also nice to see Rwanda that much blighted country leading the world.


  1. Loved the Chinese dancing at the beginning.

    But apart from that, I thought it was interesting that the reason the plateau was denuded was because of the animals grazing the place. Which partly goes to show how keeping animals is not particularly sound in environmental terms [inserts usual discussion about how much ground it takes to sustain animals to provide a small amount of food for a person compared with how much food a person can get from the ground etc etc etc]

    I always tend to think of subsistence farming as being like market gardening, so I tend to forget the animal involvement.

    Anyway, why would people want to invest in that? when big companies can just go all over the place devastating the environment for greedy people to buy fuel and/or whatever?

    It reminded me of that other vid you posted, wasn’t that Israel or somewhere around there where they had restored a barren area?

    • Yep, us hooman’s thinking we know best, cutting down trees, growing crops, soil erosion then bring in the goats when the crops won’t grow. Subsistence farming = anything to survive even if it kills the earth.

      But I love the idea that China and Rwanda are more forward thinking than us in the west. Not only have they identified the problem they have done something about it.

      It is my thing, simple solutions to the BIG problems, the other one was Jordan. Why is there no funding for projects like this all over the globe, that’s where the world bank should be spending its (our) money.

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