Extinct in the UK, short haired bumble bees are being reintroduced from Sweden where the population of bees is expanding, unlike every in all the intesively farmed nations of Europe where bee numbers are declining. The RSPB reserve at Dungeness has been selected for the release. Why should we get so excited about this? I quote from the BBC,

‘With about 80% of Britain’s plants reliant on insects for pollination, it has been estimated that these creatures contribute more than £400m a year to the UK economy.’

Without the bees and other pollinators as Frazer would say, ‘We’re all doomed.’


  1. Of course if the governments and specifically MAFF and Env (as in old speak because this is when we are talking about) hadn’t been in the hands of Big Business, they might not have been so keen to get rid of all the headlands etc in the first place.

    Even your cheerful stories have a depressing aspect to them 😀

    • I know, ;( big business still drives agriculture Tesco Sainsbury price fixing to ensure little (relatively) profit for farmers, large profit for the stores and the preservation of monoculture agriculture Aghh, off to find a cliff to throw myself off,

      (Just kidding … )

      • wouldn’t have to go too far to find a high cliff here in Gib….

        I’ll do my cheery self-seeding post later this week 🙂 to counteract your gloomy agriculture posts.

      • Oooh look forward to that, I’ll have to see if I can find a gloomy thing to say haha. Course I will be gloomy shortly back to the pen at 2

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