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Strange, I have always liked Johnny Cash, no that’s not strange. I have seen in him concert, I have listened to his music but without really thinking. San Quentin made me think, with one or two other tracks but I never understood the significance of Big John being called the man in black. Earlier I wrote a post and used Wanted Man as a media insert. This got me thinking about Johnny’s music. I You Tubed him and have just listened to

He says in 3.02 what I haven’t been able to say in thousands of words, I feel inadequate, in awe and grateful.

Miss you John


Posh Dave has told us, ‘In these straightened times we must all pull together, put our shoulders to the wheel, well not mine obviously my Armani wouldn’t like it, tighten our belts and go without.’

It is obvious that Dave and his mates don’t mean this to apply to them but only to us plebs.

Now, the PigPen is a little thin on the ground. Old coppers have been put out to grass. Young coppers aren’t being recruited. The received wisdom from the head shed, ACPO etc is that there is no overtime. By working smarter we can deal with everything life (the great British public) throws at us.

I was rostered for a 14:00 x 22:00 shift yesterday. I was busy all day, burglaries and the like needing to be sorted out. Then, late in the shift a paedophile grooming job reared it’s ugly head. Three officers had to work overtime to deal. I finished work in the wee small hours and will be back at my desk for 14:00 today.

Well it’s only one day isn’t it? Hasn’t cost that much has it?

In fact, since my return to this particular arc in the pen I have finished late more often than on time. Each late finish means a cost to the job, irritates me because I would rather be at home and impacts on the efficiency of officers on the next shift. It is like doing a days work then partying most of the night and going back to work the next day.  Not as much fun and no hangover but the tiredness / exhaustion is just as real without the change as good as a rest syndrome.

Is this the quality of service the public wants? They probably don’t know or care, until it is their house burgled, their son in a car crash, their daughter raped or father mugged. Lets hope that when these things happen the officer has not been forced to work overtime for too long and can actually function at the top of his (or her) game.

Another thing has also happened since Theresa May took over the role of executioner in chief of the ‘best police service in the world’ is the lack of available vehicles. OK, I hear you, lets put plod back on the beat. Fine.

This week Officers in my particular arc have been unable to conduct necessary enquiries and transport victim’s and witnesses to where they need to be. The area my arc covers is half of a County. I don’t know the exact area but about 170 square miles I would guess. Yesterday I heard a call for Officers to intercept a wanted man

The response over the radio to this call was, no cars in the pen, two officers made their way on foot, setting off 10 minutes after the ‘felon’ had been spotted. I ask you, dear readers, what chance they will catch up to the individual even given that we knew where he was heading. Officers now need to be as fleet of foot as the estimable Mr Bolt!

To return to my Arc, the recent cuts and amalgamations mean that my colleagues and I cover three policing districts. Those districts have two radio channels. My radio can only listen to one. How does that work? On nights, one plain clothes porker covers the aforementioned acreage, one other based an hour or more away covers a similar acreage and one sergeant covers the entire area. That would involve something in the region of 7 radio channels. I can’t see how that is meant to work.

If only each major town had it’s own detective arc within the pen, but that is what we used to do. Should we re invent the wheel now or wait until even the spare is knackered beyond redemption and only then start over?

May, Cameron and the rest, need to get real. My fervent wish is that no more citizen’s are the victim’s of crime but that the Politicians are targetted by the mindless moron’s who wreak havoc in our society. Perhaps then the government will realise that what they are doing to the emergency services is slowly starving them to death. 999 I’m being killed – sorry we cannot take your call at this time please try later.

Silly me, this will never happen, the government have their private army of Police Officers there to personally protect our leaders and ensure the dirty public don’t get too near. So you and I can be offended against by any Tom Dick or Harry (Tomasina, Deidre or Harriette) and feel the lack of funding and therefore justice. THEY don’t give a fig.

To hear is to obey

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This post is just an excuse to post some photo’s of some of my family, extended through marriage, in order to prove the Army is much smarter than the Navy, shame the pics are predominantely black and white, ‘umble apologies.


The only known photo of yours truly in No 1 dress. I have included a slideshow of my family forebears … yawn

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Having a lazy morning before going to work I was perusing a few blogs from my favourite people. A thought struck me, perhaps I am being to hard on politicians. I can’t really comment on world politics because I don’t, in all honesty, pay that much attention. There is so much going on at home that I barely have time to deal with all those issues.

The belligerence of little nations appears akin to sms, no not text messaging but small man syndrome.  There are currently issues with Greece, not an international powerhouse since Aristotle and Plato. The UK, diminished in stature by loss of empire but for some reason we (Royal not intended to include me) still think of this Land of Hope and Glory as a world leader in all things.  In reality we are a small offshore island of either mainland Europe or the US depending on who you believe exerts more influence. Argentina, small, poor, apparently ill served by politicians. I suppose it is possible that this country could still be influenced by the Nazi gold and personnel said to inhabit it’s secluded spots, the Nazi’s themselves being driven by SMS Hitler being a short arse.

Are the politicians from these lands as bad I believe they are? Is it possible that actually they are so stupid that they cannot see solutions, even when they are right in front of them?

I am, of course, talking about climate change and planet degradation. The issues with the economies of the world, poverty and huge welfare spending, over consumption and waste. I cannot possibly cover all of these matters in a small badly written blog, I do not have the benefit of a highly exclusive, expensive and elitist education.

Lets look at issues of waste, lack of proper housing, welfare spending and poverty. Governments wring their collective hands and worry about what to do. A solution is suggested but it is not ‘mainstream’ so the idea almost dies through increased regulation. The energy and singlemindedness of one man however, prevails in the end. Mike Reynolds who I have posted about before deserves a Nobel Prize. True he had to modify his approach in the US and other ‘developed’ countries. He had to submit to various building controls which had the sole effects of delay in construction and rising costs. Now, if all those in poverty were encouraged to build their own earthships, from waste material, they would not only remove vast amounts of waste from landfill they would become self sustaining in food and water, they would have no electricity bills and therefore would need next to no welfare payments. In fact if the local equivalent of council tax was abandoned for such properties they may well require no financial assistance at all. Waste is reprocessed right on site. The whole system is closed and everything reused. What is government reaction? We don’t like the construction materials, use new timber, concrete etc. This merely pollutes more and does not remove waste from the planet. A different story in disaster zones where Mike’s ideas are adopted and used to the benefit of the population.

Agriculture, this is unsustainable in it’s present form. There are a multitude of answers available but governments appear to be advised by experts who cannot adopt a multi discipline approach, each pushing their speciality to the exclusion of all other solutions. My hero Bill Mollison, and many others like him, Geoff Lawton and Sepp Holzer to name only two, can view landscapes and land use from a holistic standpoint. Repairing the earth, increasing fertility and production ensuring our continued existence for ever.

The messages are there, loud and clear. The conclusion, politicians are stupid or only concerned for their own glory and financial well being and the rest of us, their kids included, can go hang. The sun is shining today, I am feeling charitable. For today I will accept that Politicians are not evil wealth gatherers serving only self interest, but stupid. I cannot guarantee that position will last.

I stumbled accross this tosay. I am not guilty of reading CNN very often but I am glad I shuffled over there today, maybe I will go more often.

Now while I am not convinced that the media are renowned for their impartiality on many topics, it seems on this topic CNN concede that the US is not a world leader, albeit still performing above many smaller regions. It heralds Europe as a world leader and China as being in second spot.

The commentary is interesting in that it demonstrates how governments have not supported the march toward renewables but have left the majority of work in this field to private enterprise, while continuing to subsidise fossil fuels.

Surely if profiteers can recognise that fossil fuels have had their day governments should be able to see it too? Do politicians not dine with business, do they not leap into every available corporate bed to feather their own nest? Or is it this closeness that prevents the subsidy. If government invest in the next big thing rather than the dinosaur that is dying they would be able to benefit from the profit that would flow from a successful launch of renewable energy worldwide. This would deprive their corporate chums of cash they would otherwise receive. I actually think I am being a little harsh on governments worldwide, as well as the corporations investing in the new tech. I think world governments are just too myopic to take advantage. Too busy partying with the established oil hungry industries to pay any attention to the new upstarts.

The whole of Europe appears to be descending into poverty, Greece we all know about, Spain appears to be borrowing money to sort out it’s position. There is talk of Italy being next. Will Britain be far behind?

This is obviously bad news for everyone but, when viewed against the dangers of climate change and world environmental degradation they pale into insignificance. The media appear to have lost any interest in these topics though. Am I alone in thinking that a recession has caused people to conveniently put these problems to one side?

The politicians and their big business buddies must be pleased there is financial chaos. It won’t put a dent in their income like it does for everyone else, they may lose the odd 100,000 but hey, they have Harry Enfields ‘Loadsa dosh’ stashed away. But it does divert interest from things that may dent, terminally, their ability to irresponsibly profit from the rest of us at the expense of this dying planet.

News is concentrated on the economy, Syria and that other vitally important event, … football. Now, I don’t mind people enjoying the spectacle of 22 grown men chasing a pigs bladder, but is it so important that hours of media should be devoted to it? It would be more interesting if the players had their wages reduced to the national average, (along with bankers politicians etc) and there was actually some benefit to mankind from what they are doing. At least the employment of the brain dead in this way prevents the unemployment figures expanding even further. Poor old Wayne, if he couldn’t kick a ball he would probably be something really worthwhile like a road sweeper. The lads and lassies who look after our refuse deserve more plaudits that overpaid footballers. What benefit has football really given to mankind? Thuggery, violence, and misbehaviour of every kind.

At least today the sun is shining and I won’t get wet on my way to the pen today.

It really is ….

I read today that The Grimreaper Inc (AKA the demon of retail Tesco) are struggling huzzah. I have been trying to convert colleagues for years to shop elsewhere. Tesco destroy our high streets, tarmac our green spaces, destroy farming livlihoods with their price fixing contracts, support poor quality food, push meat (two chicken for £5 anyone?) make huge profits without returning anything meaningful and generally provide misery in bucketfuls.

It now seems that Tesco think that by making the store appear more rustic they can con the great British public into thinking the store cares about the environment. Come on, just be honest, you are the Arthur Daley of supermarkets. Anything to turn a quick profit without so much as a fleeting thought of the impact the actions of Tesco may have on our world.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the labelling was accurate so that shoppers could rely on the information provided. They should turn the stores over to the local community so that they could be used to sell truly local organic produce, or better still share around the surplus among the needy each taking what they need and no more.

I hope that I am witnessing the first cracks in the unsustainable profiteering of this capitalist society leading to the destruction of our current wasteful system and the birth of real sustainability. Probably not but we, I, live in hope.