I see that Posh Boy Cameron in a bid to show he is just the same as us plebs. Trouble is, he and his wife were so occupied they forgot their 8 year, they left her in the pub. Now, I have on the odd occasion lost sight of one or other of my children for a few seconds. Nothing wrong in that. However PBC and his missus left their child unaccompanied in a pub for 15 minutes, apparently, according to that most worthy of newspapers The Sun, which may or may not have some sort of axe to grind with the government, reports that it was only when they got home did PBC and Sam realise they were a body light. I say send in the social services, the PM and his spouse have shown a startling lack of parenting skills. Big Society, he appears incapable of caring for his very own small society!

  1. Vicky says:

    LOL. I heard them discussing ‘forgetting your children’ on the radio this morning, it’s surprising how many folk have done it, myself included.
    In the 70’s I left my pram, containing my month old daughter outside the local post office, bumping into a friend on the way out, I got chatting and walked straight past my pram, only realising I’d left it behind when my friend asked after my daughter.

  2. Probably safer in the 70’s though. Of course I don’t expect you had a protection squad and several hangers on to help remind you of things you needed to remember!

  3. Vicky says:

    In reply to your comment above, as I can’t reply direct:
    Almost there, probably more so since I retired, but hey! my girls are 38 & 36 😮

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