It really is ….

I read today that The Grimreaper Inc (AKA the demon of retail Tesco) are struggling huzzah. I have been trying to convert colleagues for years to shop elsewhere. Tesco destroy our high streets, tarmac our green spaces, destroy farming livlihoods with their price fixing contracts, support poor quality food, push meat (two chicken for £5 anyone?) make huge profits without returning anything meaningful and generally provide misery in bucketfuls.

It now seems that Tesco think that by making the store appear more rustic they can con the great British public into thinking the store cares about the environment. Come on, just be honest, you are the Arthur Daley of supermarkets. Anything to turn a quick profit without so much as a fleeting thought of the impact the actions of Tesco may have on our world.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the labelling was accurate so that shoppers could rely on the information provided. They should turn the stores over to the local community so that they could be used to sell truly local organic produce, or better still share around the surplus among the needy each taking what they need and no more.

I hope that I am witnessing the first cracks in the unsustainable profiteering of this capitalist society leading to the destruction of our current wasteful system and the birth of real sustainability. Probably not but we, I, live in hope.

  1. Waiting for a Tesco here. Waiting even more for organic veg box schemes which are available on the other side of the frontier but not here.

    A bit sick of buying organic veg from Morries that is shipped from Spain to the UK, packed, and then reshipped. How stupid is that??

    My organic principles are great but when there is no choice and the quality is crap and the price is excessive – what do you do? I went to the local Moroccan shop today and staggered back like a donkey.

    Cracks in society, nah, not if I’m all right guv. Who cares about anyone else?

    • You have mentioned Morrisons love of food miles before, seems absolutely pointless to me too, along with most packaging actually.

      We have an Indian run but international cuisine supermarket / greengrocer near where I work so that is always handy. Light bulb moment, couldn’t you buy a burro (is that how it’s spelt) then you couldload it up. Probably even put it in Landy for trips to the finca.

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