Happiness is wet!

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Leisure
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It’s true, happiness for me, at this time is wet.

The jubilee celebrations have come and gone, the good people of this green and pleasant land have drunk themselves stupid, fought, thieved raped and burgled their way through the celebrations as good Anglo Saxons do. A time of joy for HM the Queen, a time of extended shifts and pointless bureaucracy for those guardians of the Queens Peace who appear to be out of favour and overpaid according to the fat cats in Whitehall.

However, jubilee over a return to some semblence of normality. Having worked hard the one and I gather our possessions and trek to Suffolk. We depart in the wet, happy not to be in the pen for a while. Constable country calls, stopping at Dedham on the way

The church and vicarage, no hard hats here where is health and safety?

This was a brief lull in the damp descending from on high!

Colchester visited, rain stopped play, smiles of contentment The One and I happy to be anywhere but home with it’s work and bills and worry.

Sutton Hoo, we made a trip to see the ancient burial. We arrived in rain which cleared just long enough to walk around the mounds. We paused to see RAF regiment personnel running up and down the grounds of the house, how many of those young people on pre deployment would return to the land of their fathers?

Woodbridge in the rain, sheeting stair rods of rain bursting from clouds over laden with stored water, torrential downpour that had us soaked to the skin despite waterproofs never previously defeated. Squelching socks in sodden shoes, smiles and mild hysteria.

A dreadful meal at Kwan Thai dirty house overspiced but afterwards the sun, yes sun breaks through and we walk down by the river.

My thanks to Altaturka in Ipswich a meal most pleasant. They even sought our recommendation for a dish not yet on the menu. The staff were lovely, the food a delight, Turkish coffee to die for.

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More of this may follow but for now …

  1. Vicky says:

    Often, just being able to escape the humdrum of normal life, far outweighs anything else.
    I love the fact that, even soaked to the skin, in squelching shoes, that life still looked good for you both πŸ™‚ It reminds me of a day I spent in Hornsea two years ago, in similar conditions.
    Love the pics, and that plate of food looks good.

  2. Life was good, so much fun like grown up kids kicking puddles and dodging rain drops. Beats work any day of the week and twice on Sundays. I enjoyed it so much I spent all day in my garden on Sunday just so I could get wet all over!

    • Vicky says:

      Has your drought/hose pipe ban ended now then?

      • Nope, not a sign of that, although local news did say something about easing the drought. We had several inches of rain today, and just as the heaven’s opened to full intensity we had a fire drill at work, it was like reg Varney, ‘Everybody out!’
        Deep joy

  3. Vicky says:

    ^More puddle splashing then LOL^
    Regarding your drought conditions…………..as Victor Meldrew would say…….”I don’t believe it”

    • Tried to get colleagues to perform a damp conga but they just looked as if I had lost the plot, … not sure I ever found it.

      Victor is the man but sadly, I do.

      Allotment watering now takes hours, not today obviously, but last week walking back and forth with watering cans. Still the excercise is good for me. So they say.

  4. So that’s where you were! Looks lovely anyway. Been to Dedham (I think!!).

    Wet is nice, wet would be very nice here πŸ˜€

    • What a shame I can’t send some clouds, we have more than enough to go round at the moment. Next thing you’ll be saying it’s warm and sunny and making me incredibly jealous.

      Still the rain proves Darwin right, I have started to develop webbed feet! :0

      • It’s warm and sunny, with a nice breeze so not too hot having just been out (to discover the summer hours thing is kicking in….)

      • It has been warm and pleasantly sunny here today although I was locked in the Pen to deal with property seized from a brothel while my colleagues dealt with the madam and her hubby. Funny old world!

        When i got homE i spent a joyful couple of hours cutting grass as high as an elephnats eye. I couldn’t cut it due to all the wet we have been having. All done now though and my compost heap is fuLL πŸ˜‰

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