I stumbled accross this tosay. I am not guilty of reading CNN very often but I am glad I shuffled over there today, maybe I will go more often.


Now while I am not convinced that the media are renowned for their impartiality on many topics, it seems on this topic CNN concede that the US is not a world leader, albeit still performing above many smaller regions. It heralds Europe as a world leader and China as being in second spot.

The commentary is interesting in that it demonstrates how governments have not supported the march toward renewables but have left the majority of work in this field to private enterprise, while continuing to subsidise fossil fuels.

Surely if profiteers can recognise that fossil fuels have had their day governments should be able to see it too? Do politicians not dine with business, do they not leap into every available corporate bed to feather their own nest? Or is it this closeness that prevents the subsidy. If government invest in the next big thing rather than the dinosaur that is dying they would be able to benefit from the profit that would flow from a successful launch of renewable energy worldwide. This would deprive their corporate chums of cash they would otherwise receive. I actually think I am being a little harsh on governments worldwide, as well as the corporations investing in the new tech. I think world governments are just too myopic to take advantage. Too busy partying with the established oil hungry industries to pay any attention to the new upstarts.

  1. I like the title of that article – Who’s funding the green energy revolution?’

    The answer is – me 🙂 Which reminds me, I must write to the as was Wind Fund and has now changed its name to ask about my shares.

    Which needless to state I bought in the last century.

    • You and me both. I thought the graphics were interesting though, if CNn can be relied on that is ;(

      Never been a share holder, smacks too much of capitalism for me and then there is the question of never having any spare cash for such ‘luxuries’. The One had some for lloyds bank when she wORked for them. Handed out insTead of real bonuses. They are now worth less than nothing. Hey ho, good Job i didn’t marry her for her Money :0

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