The whole of Europe appears to be descending into poverty, Greece we all know about, Spain appears to be borrowing money to sort out it’s position. There is talk of Italy being next. Will Britain be far behind?

This is obviously bad news for everyone but, when viewed against the dangers of climate change and world environmental degradation they pale into insignificance. The media appear to have lost any interest in these topics though. Am I alone in thinking that a recession has caused people to conveniently put these problems to one side?

The politicians and their big business buddies must be pleased there is financial chaos. It won’t put a dent in their income like it does for everyone else, they may lose the odd 100,000 but hey, they have Harry Enfields ‘Loadsa dosh’ stashed away. But it does divert interest from things that may dent, terminally, their ability to irresponsibly profit from the rest of us at the expense of this dying planet.

News is concentrated on the economy, Syria and that other vitally important event, … football. Now, I don’t mind people enjoying the spectacle of 22 grown men chasing a pigs bladder, but is it so important that hours of media should be devoted to it? It would be more interesting if the players had their wages reduced to the national average, (along with bankers politicians etc) and there was actually some benefit to mankind from what they are doing. At least the employment of the brain dead in this way prevents the unemployment figures expanding even further. Poor old Wayne, if he couldn’t kick a ball he would probably be something really worthwhile like a road sweeper. The lads and lassies who look after our refuse deserve more plaudits that overpaid footballers. What benefit has football really given to mankind? Thuggery, violence, and misbehaviour of every kind.

At least today the sun is shining and I won’t get wet on my way to the pen today.

  1. A real cynic (me – I know I am because lots of people tell me so, they must be right) would say the financial crisis, if not directly engineered, was certainly supported.

    Chat in smoke filled rooms: “What shall we do to take the restless masses’ minds off problems?”

    Make ’em short of money 🙂

    Isn’t the football pay rather like the stupid adoration of anyone and anything on television?

    One of my former colleagues was well into the LETS thing – were you in the UK when that was being proposed? (in lefty circles it has to be said) Never got anywhere. Not a bad theory though. Very egalitarian.

    • Ah, the cult of celebrity. If you get the chance see if you can get ‘All in the best possible taste’ on 4OD. Grayson Perry talking to the chattering classes. Made me chuckle and the residents of the new middle class development made me howl with their range rovers and designer labels.

      Is that as in LETS them eat cake?

  2. Vicky says:

    I so agree with you on your paragraph about football.
    The biggest lump in my throat about the current football tournament, is the Ukraine and the treatment of their stray dog population.

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