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Posted: June 14, 2012 in climate change, government
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Having a lazy morning before going to work I was perusing a few blogs from my favourite people. A thought struck me, perhaps I am being to hard on politicians. I can’t really comment on world politics because I don’t, in all honesty, pay that much attention. There is so much going on at home that I barely have time to deal with all those issues.

The belligerence of little nations appears akin to sms, no not text messaging but small man syndrome.  There are currently issues with Greece, not an international powerhouse since Aristotle and Plato. The UK, diminished in stature by loss of empire but for some reason we (Royal not intended to include me) still think of this Land of Hope and Glory as a world leader in all things.  In reality we are a small offshore island of either mainland Europe or the US depending on who you believe exerts more influence. Argentina, small, poor, apparently ill served by politicians. I suppose it is possible that this country could still be influenced by the Nazi gold and personnel said to inhabit it’s secluded spots, the Nazi’s themselves being driven by SMS Hitler being a short arse.

Are the politicians from these lands as bad I believe they are? Is it possible that actually they are so stupid that they cannot see solutions, even when they are right in front of them?

I am, of course, talking about climate change and planet degradation. The issues with the economies of the world, poverty and huge welfare spending, over consumption and waste. I cannot possibly cover all of these matters in a small badly written blog, I do not have the benefit of a highly exclusive, expensive and elitist education.

Lets look at issues of waste, lack of proper housing, welfare spending and poverty. Governments wring their collective hands and worry about what to do. A solution is suggested but it is not ‘mainstream’ so the idea almost dies through increased regulation. The energy and singlemindedness of one man however, prevails in the end. Mike Reynolds who I have posted about before deserves a Nobel Prize. True he had to modify his approach in the US and other ‘developed’ countries. He had to submit to various building controls which had the sole effects of delay in construction and rising costs. Now, if all those in poverty were encouraged to build their own earthships, from waste material, they would not only remove vast amounts of waste from landfill they would become self sustaining in food and water, they would have no electricity bills and therefore would need next to no welfare payments. In fact if the local equivalent of council tax was abandoned for such properties they may well require no financial assistance at all. Waste is reprocessed right on site. The whole system is closed and everything reused. What is government reaction? We don’t like the construction materials, use new timber, concrete etc. This merely pollutes more and does not remove waste from the planet. A different story in disaster zones where Mike’s ideas are adopted and used to the benefit of the population.

Agriculture, this is unsustainable in it’s present form. There are a multitude of answers available but governments appear to be advised by experts who cannot adopt a multi discipline approach, each pushing their speciality to the exclusion of all other solutions. My hero Bill Mollison, and many others like him, Geoff Lawton and Sepp Holzer to name only two, can view landscapes and land use from a holistic standpoint. Repairing the earth, increasing fertility and production ensuring our continued existence for ever.

The messages are there, loud and clear. The conclusion, politicians are stupid or only concerned for their own glory and financial well being and the rest of us, their kids included, can go hang. The sun is shining today, I am feeling charitable. For today I will accept that Politicians are not evil wealth gatherers serving only self interest, but stupid. I cannot guarantee that position will last.

  1. Oh!! Does that make me a favourite person? 🙂

    Well I’m not feeling so charitable. I think they are most definitely selfish and only interested in themselves, narrow-minded, unthinking, and potentially stupid too. There may be the odd exception – that’s as far as my charity goes.

    Argentina is not what I would call small. Second largest country in South America and eighth largest in the world apparently.

    Anyway, you know climate change doesn’t exist and that there are no problems with big business running agriculture and ruining the environment. After all, who funds the next political race for power in the US (and the UK when it comes to that). They should ban donations to political parties (unlikely I know) but that might make a difference. Or spend the money on something useful.

    Someone also needs to say that there is more CO2 produced by animal farming (18%) than all the world’s transport combined, 60% of deforestation due to clearing land for animal farming…etc etc Who’s doing anything about that? Because hey, we all need to eat our £30/£40 (per kilo/per pound?) pound of flesh fillet steak from the supermarket.

    • Of course it does :p

      I agree but the point about Argentina was it’s political stature, huge land mass, small population, rights issues and no real influence in the wider world, unless you count Fray Bentos as world influence!

      CO2, I think you just did.

      Climate change irony, like it. Instead of banning funding for political parties, how about banning political parties and seizing corporations for the good of the proles? We could destroy the banks and seize their assets before redistributing wealth, oh no that wouldn’t work, all animals being equal but some more equal than others. Bugger that greed thing again!

  2. I did wonder if you meant stature rather than geography but I’m a literal sort of person so went for that first. It’s middling in stature, but who isn’t apart from Russia, China and the US? Oh, Germany at the moment, I guess. Those four are one bad combination too 😦

    Sadly I am not an eminent leader either nationally or internationally so my comments on your blog about CO2 are going to change nothing 😦

    Love your irony about seizing corporations, banks, and banning political parties. Such a hilarious idea. Who would ever think that would work? 😉

    Shouldn’t you be mowing the lawn?

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