To hear is to obey

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Army
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This post is just an excuse to post some photo’s of some of my family, extended through marriage, in order to prove the Army is much smarter than the Navy, shame the pics are predominantely black and white, ‘umble apologies.


The only known photo of yours truly in No 1 dress. I have included a slideshow of my family forebears … yawn

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. That’s brilliant. TYVM. How come you have all those old photos? They are wonderful.

    Oh, I better say something about you. Very handsome. I was spot on about the gaudy red though wasn’t I? 😀 Just imagine how even handsomer you would have looked in navy blue 😉

    Is that an MP armband I see? I would have thought Member of Parliament was the least of your aspirations.

    I take it there is some Scottish ancestry somewhere?

    (Nice white painted skirtings).

    • Why too kind madam. Old photo’s collected from various people for family tree research. I seem to have snuck in one from the war museum by mistake, comes of dodgy eyes and working from thumbnails!

      You know what they say about fur coats and red hats don’t you? My No1’s are a Navy Blue, just not Navy though. Always thought my hat was a better shape / colour too. And I get gold braid.

      I wore my armband as a perpetual reminder that those sons of fun in Westminster could send me to my doom at any time and if I survived their orders I would make it my life’s work to decry their shortcomings, … no really!

      No Scottish at all, my uncle, same name, thought kilts looked cool so he joined the Argylls, his brother, my dad followed him. Ended up in different regiments, Roy went to Korea and my Dad went to Berlin. I know where I would rather have been, down among the frau’s.

      Skirting not mine I’m afraid.

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