Posh Dave has told us, ‘In these straightened times we must all pull together, put our shoulders to the wheel, well not mine obviously my Armani wouldn’t like it, tighten our belts and go without.’

It is obvious that Dave and his mates don’t mean this to apply to them but only to us plebs.

Now, the PigPen is a little thin on the ground. Old coppers have been put out to grass. Young coppers aren’t being recruited. The received wisdom from the head shed, ACPO etc is that there is no overtime. By working smarter we can deal with everything life (the great British public) throws at us.

I was rostered for a 14:00 x 22:00 shift yesterday. I was busy all day, burglaries and the like needing to be sorted out. Then, late in the shift a paedophile grooming job reared it’s ugly head. Three officers had to work overtime to deal. I finished work in the wee small hours and will be back at my desk for 14:00 today.

Well it’s only one day isn’t it? Hasn’t cost that much has it?

In fact, since my return to this particular arc in the pen I have finished late more often than on time. Each late finish means a cost to the job, irritates me because I would rather be at home and impacts on the efficiency of officers on the next shift. It is like doing a days work then partying most of the night and going back to work the next day.  Not as much fun and no hangover but the tiredness / exhaustion is just as real without the change as good as a rest syndrome.

Is this the quality of service the public wants? They probably don’t know or care, until it is their house burgled, their son in a car crash, their daughter raped or father mugged. Lets hope that when these things happen the officer has not been forced to work overtime for too long and can actually function at the top of his (or her) game.

Another thing has also happened since Theresa May took over the role of executioner in chief of the ‘best police service in the world’ is the lack of available vehicles. OK, I hear you, lets put plod back on the beat. Fine.

This week Officers in my particular arc have been unable to conduct necessary enquiries and transport victim’s and witnesses to where they need to be. The area my arc covers is half of a County. I don’t know the exact area but about 170 square miles I would guess. Yesterday I heard a call for Officers to intercept a wanted man


The response over the radio to this call was, no cars in the pen, two officers made their way on foot, setting off 10 minutes after the ‘felon’ had been spotted. I ask you, dear readers, what chance they will catch up to the individual even given that we knew where he was heading. Officers now need to be as fleet of foot as the estimable Mr Bolt!

To return to my Arc, the recent cuts and amalgamations mean that my colleagues and I cover three policing districts. Those districts have two radio channels. My radio can only listen to one. How does that work? On nights, one plain clothes porker covers the aforementioned acreage, one other based an hour or more away covers a similar acreage and one sergeant covers the entire area. That would involve something in the region of 7 radio channels. I can’t see how that is meant to work.

If only each major town had it’s own detective arc within the pen, but that is what we used to do. Should we re invent the wheel now or wait until even the spare is knackered beyond redemption and only then start over?

May, Cameron and the rest, need to get real. My fervent wish is that no more citizen’s are the victim’s of crime but that the Politicians are targetted by the mindless moron’s who wreak havoc in our society. Perhaps then the government will realise that what they are doing to the emergency services is slowly starving them to death. 999 I’m being killed – sorry we cannot take your call at this time please try later.

Silly me, this will never happen, the government have their private army of Police Officers there to personally protect our leaders and ensure the dirty public don’t get too near. So you and I can be offended against by any Tom Dick or Harry (Tomasina, Deidre or Harriette) and feel the lack of funding and therefore justice. THEY don’t give a fig.

  1. Of course tightening the belt is relative and applicable only in certain areas of society. I mean tightening the belt on those who are skinny is hardly saving much but clearly that doesn’t make sense to Those Who Know Best.

    You always seem to be doing 2-10 incidentally, I was going to mention that earlier and forgot. Vile shift I would have thought. I would rather get the agony over with asap.

    So there’s no overtime and you’re working it more often than not?? But still, far cheaper than employing someone else with oncosts surely? when you are already there, and like superman can return the next day brighter and fresher than ever…. See, there is logic to this austerity stuff.

    • My shifts are three days three lates three off, you’re right I always seem to be lates.
      If only I was like superman, I feel more like Knackered man!
      The O/T doesn’t take account of the ‘oncosts’ (must remember that one) of sick days cos I just can’t get out of bed, cases for damages because of mistakes (not mine obviously) but they do get to save on pension payments when we all drop dead at 60!

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