Pickles return

Posted: July 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Pickle has, since her return Chez Nous, been working extremely hard. Of course that is not paid, remunerative employment, but on her submission to Camberwell College of Arts.




She has been successful in her submission and was called for an interview last Monday. The call provoked a mild panic of preparation as she really felt that her work would not be up to snuff. However, when she attended the interview she felt that the decision had been made before she got there, she went through a series of questions and had her sketchbooks reviewed and various drawings critiqued. She almost missed the course leader say well we’d love to have you, tell me have your read ….


A slow dawning of what had been said, she had to check. She has been given a place to undertake her MA at this fine educational establishment.


Pickle has also landed a job (paid this time) fundraising for charity, so everything in the garden seems to be rosie as I type.


Pickle has a special friend, a nice lad who is planning to embark on a photography MA so who knows, maybe some of his expertise will rub off on yours truly and I might be able to take a decent snap at some point in the future.


The sun in the UK has taken a strange turn, for the last few days we have been subjected to an uncommon heat searing our flesh from a clear blue sky. You could be forgiven for thinking summer has arrived.

  1. A rather strange post. sort of cheerful, happy, full of good news? Anything wrong your way? 😀

    As I extremely vaguely remember Camberwell used to be pretty classy and well, arty. Well done Pickle.

    Art and photography? Are they planning on lucrative careers?……

    • Hopefully then I can retire and become their minder!!

      Or they could pay me to sit in the garden if they prefer.

      I am sure there are lots of things wrong but I am quite enjoying the sun from this peak of happiness, for an hour or two!

  2. Vicky says:

    Well done to Pickle 🙂

    Don’t you find that even if things are wrong, the sun puts a totally different light on them

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