The naivety of leaders

Posted: July 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Heartwarming. In the parallel universe that is No. 10 Mr Cameron (and doubtless the cohort of posh mates) believe that the Olympics will demonstrate to the world that Britain can deliver.


Has he missed the news. Apparently in the far flung Northern parts of these United Kingdoms no-one is entirely sure which flag should represent North Korea and which should represent the South.  It seems that our Scottish brothers displayed the wrong flag causing hilarity, embarrassment or a self righteous thought so, depending on your point of view.


The incident was, of course neither planned nor wished for but, however great the games are, however brilliant the organisation is from now on this one incident will be remembered. I maging the scene on Question of Sport.


‘In 2012 during the London Olympics, which athlete caused a storm by running the marathon in a pink tutu and clowns shoes?’


‘Um 2012, oh yes that’s the one were the North Koreans walked out because the wrong flag was shown.’


Or am I being too cynical. If Posh Dave keeps bigging up the Olympics, neither Britain, nor any other country, would be able to live up to the expectation. Additionally, being old fashioned, I don’t want my politicians to be my mate, look good all the time, have an opinion on everything from the best flag design to the latest contestant on Britain has no talent. I like my politicians best when they couldn’t care about how they look but can debate sensibly on the ECONOMY, (that’s to do with money Dave, how people can afford to live) and other political issues.


Heard a programme on Radio 4 the other day, or an excerpt therefrom. An Englishman living in Scotland had started believing that Scotland couldn’t survive without the English. However, having lived there he realised that the politicians look and sound like their constituents, have the same concerns and live in the same world. They encounter the same problems as the rest of us and try to find solutions. How refreshing would that be.


Shoot the spin doctors, loose the image consultants and learn how to think about the issues that confront modern society. Then stand for Parliament. As an aside, why do we stand for Parliament as opposed to the American’s who run for office.

  1. Vicky says:

    How do you expect anyone in the UK to fly the correct flag for another country, when half of our population can’t even fly our flag the right way round.

    • Ah but you see I don’t, low expectation perrenially disappointed. Just think that Cameron is backing a loser.

      • Didn’t you mean Cameron is a loser?

        Anyway, leave those poor old spin doctors alone, PR people need to earn a living somewhere.

        I thought we stood for Parliament because we were British (before we became Americanised – I mean Americanized).

        I think you are living in the past with your desire for politicians who debate relevant issues. Can’t you blame Maggie for all this anyway? Wasn’t she the first one who really radicalised PR and use of TV?

  2. I suppose that depends on your definition of loser. He is certainly a loser when it comes to humanity and all of the common traits that seperate the good from the bad.

    PR is fine, ‘Spinning’ isn’t in my book, perhaps it’s all the negative connotations of the word.

    Standing as opposed to running, perhaps the Americans like a more dynamic turn of phrase to indicate the furious activity involved in American elections. Of course ‘standing’ much better describes the attitude of the Brits, workmen standing round a hole, standing in queues and standing in Parliament venting hot air?

    I can blame Maggie for everything, perhaps uncharitably in the case of the Gulf war and Aghanistan, but this is my cosy little world and I am allowed! I think she followed on the coat tails of the US (again) didn’t she. Our cousins over there have always liked their Politicians to be pretty and well groomed haven’t they. I think the whole ‘spin’ took off in the ’60’s but I could be wrong.


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