Greetings to the world. Another strange and less unhappy / moody / grumpy blog from the pig pen this morning. Well, let’s face it, the sun shines on the patch of our green and pleasant land and the birds sing from outside my window. Who could be glum?

I am trying, in my own inept way to give The One a tutorial on WordPress, that’s a laugh too as I don’t really know what I am doing myself.
In fact the day is so nice so I am off to the great outdoors now, I may even take a photo for later.

  1. Greetings back. It is sunny here too (there’s a surprise). Is The One going to write a blog too? I am always happy to discover new and interesting blogs. Or are you going to make her write your posts when you are too idle</del busy?

    We were going to go out too, but I may have left it too late as it may be too hot already 😦 Pesky hot summers.

  2. Oh, I got my html wrong. Should read idle busy. I forgot the final >

    You can add it if you like. T’would make an extra tutorial perhaps?

  3. Another tutorial, when you tag, you are actually meant to have the tag words in your text ….. so I gather.

  4. No idea whether The One will blog, just sitting chilling chatting.
    Noted about the tags, I will try to remember if the drying grey matter can cope.
    You are worried about it getting hotter and hotter, here it has clouded over, perhaps that could be another blog name for me, tipping my hat to my guru!

    Off to make lunch, on a late shift today and if today is like yesterday it will be hectic!

    • Vicky says:

      Ha!, your grey matter sounds a bit like mine………I liiken mine to a full glass, there’s no room for anything fresh to be added, and the bottom is a stagnant mass.

      • Ah, that suggests you don’t sup often enough, mine isn’t stagnant, just sodden and incapable!

      • Vicky says:

        Depends what type of supping 😉
        The alcoholic type just dulls any remaining senses I have 😆

      • I tend to go numb from the neck up, I spend increasing amounts of time not being able to feel my nose!
        My home made ginger beer is like rocket fuel, in fact I may sell some to NASA 😉

        I gave my mate a bottle and her partner is no longer talking to me, 1 litre = 2 day hangover!!!!

  5. plerudulier says:

    do you mean to have your blog hosted elsewhere, otherwise i don’t see the point of learning how to use WordPress since most of the intricacies are about installation and addition of plug-ins.

  6. Vicky says:

    Welcome to The One, as RS has said, looking forward to a new read, if you’re a good tutor.

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