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Posted: July 29, 2012 in america, Army, CIA, common sense, government
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Which in my view is a good thing. Imagine a world where everyone thought the same and there was never any difference of opinion. Progress would cease and a state of general inertia would exist.

It is my view that common ground can be found in ideas from disparate people even if not all of the ideas are acceptable. I have recently seen this post http://jasonalanwriter.wordpress.com/2012/07/27/i-have-the-solution/ whilst I cannot accept of endorse gangs of state sponsored assasins, which is where this post starts, it does seem to me that to reduce Military spending and use the savings for job creation and social spending would be wonderful. Perhaps the ‘Defence’ spending should be just that. Remove the offensive portion of spending and just have defensive capability.

This will never work because Posh Dave and his mates will lose money and sleep worrying about the ‘reds under the beds’ or whatever group they choose to be afraid of today. I have found comfort and solace even among ‘enemies’ or former foes.  In the UK the Sun berates the Germans appearing to believe that the Germans are still, along with Russia and homosexuals, the enemy incapable of good and are in every regard, evil. Back in the ’70’s I lived in Germany, travelling over a large area of that great country courtesy of HM armed forces. My experiences were universally positive. My observation, for what it’s worth is that the ‘Hun’ is so similar to your average Brit that the only difference is the way we speak.

It’s the same with the Irish, I served there, it was unpleasant. The people were, in large part, no different to you dear reader, or I. Fear, certainly, was prevalent. I did however speak to both Catholic and Protestant. Each would have chartachters who wanted to kill me, but equally and more importantly, each community had good people trying to live life respectably, educate their children and to stop the bloody violence.

No nation on earth is ‘bad’, just as no nation is ‘good’. Nations are made up of individuals. Individuals have free will. I do not believe that any government should try to impose its will on any other government / people. Indeed, looking at the shambles in the UK I don’t think governments are qualified to tell their own people what to do. As for sending squads of hooded men, highly trained, into different nations to kill leaders with whom the base country disagrees sounds a bit like 1984. Friends and enemies changing with each election and history being rewritten.

I do not agree with Mugabe, the man appears, from our news, to be evil. But there is the problem. How independent and neutral is the media?  Probably not at all. Murdoch’s empire certainly isn’t

There is a series of video from a group called The Urban Farming Guys, social change in action well worth a look and giving support. Think local impact .. flobal to mis quote the green movement.



Enough of the rant already, it’s too hot.

  1. Jason Alan says:

    In that post, I was referring to extreme circumstances. While Hitler may be an overused example, he is a pertinent one in this case. If the United States had stayed out of WWII, would we all be better off today? Or instead of a global war, think of how many lives would have been saved had dear old Adolf been served a nice bullet in his brain early on.

  2. Well the other post was an interesting read. If somewhat reactionary.

    Black Ops do happen though don’t they? A bit like MI6 exists.

    Having said that, I tend to agree with you. Sending in death squads all over the place because ‘we know better’ sounds extremely fascist to me.

    However, defence spending and not offence spending is a cool idea in theory. But what happens to all the unemployed military?

    I don’t know where all these mythical jobs are that the author claims exist. It sounds like community service by another name to me. And it is invariably the same examples that are trotted out too. A bit of construction labouring work – because, anyone can do that right?

    What sort of wage are they going to get for that? A reasonable one – or just their dole until they get a ‘proper’ job? Not that I’m on the dole, but for example would I have to accept a job as a lollipop person if I couldn’t get one that better matched my skills and experience? For example, there is a Spanish guy working as a storeman/labourer with Partner, yet he has a grua’s licence (breakdown truck) but can’t get a job in Spain doing that. Another one has a qualification in road building (one of the examples in the post) – he’s working as a van driver.

    Flood the market with a load of unskilled people and make everyone work for peanuts? Oh, that happens anyway doesn’t it? There would just be even more of them. Drive down the price and make the poor even poorer.

    I really dislike facile thinking like that which is why I didn’t bother commenting on there and thought I would rant away happily on yours instead.

    How did you find that blog anyway? 😀 The most sensible comment on there was the author’s who pointed out that someone had clicked on ‘like’ as soon as it had been published. I always find that fascinating. I publish, am reading through yet again to double check and two or three likes come up straightaway.

    Onto the Urban farming guys. Oh dear. They do not come out well on the roughseasometer.

    Off to a bad start with the title for one thing. And as for animal welfare? Groan. All those fish in that tiny amount of space, same with the chickens. If they aren’t vegetarian they should at least given them more space. Vicious.

    They have half an acre of land. Very nice. They aren’t exactly living in high rise apartment blocks in a concrete jungle are they? Where is the money coming from? And then they bought the old school. Yuppies living the Tom and Barbara (Good) life or what? Ironically I was labelled as that when I dug up half my lawn to plant veg. I’ll shut up, you have obviously written more while I have prepared this rant.

    • Thank you for taking the time, so many things to pick up on. Did I ever say I went for a job with MI6 once? Oh god I’ve got to shoot myself now. ;o

      I will try to respond to your points as I have given the matter deep thought in the 30 seconds since reading your comment.

      1. Military can be employed by G4S to cover the olympics and then to help the Police in custody blocks etc. (saw a news article where private security are going to be used to patrol towns etc.

      2. The jobs would be like the US Chain gangs, those who actually want to work can be allowed to try and find decent jobs, the long term hopeless cases can wear pink jump suits and keep the motorways tidy, paint over graffitti etc. In exchange they will get their benefit cheque. If they fail to show up, no benefit cheque. (This is a win win for me because they will then turn to crime to live / feed their habit more coppers needed and bigger pay cheques for the Police because we will be essential and have the support of middle England again!)

      3. I would find you a job as head of press for the UK / world government and this would be a job for life to ensure impartiality.

      4. Have National service, for dole money, issue pitchforks and spears then line up the new model army around the coast to repel invaders.

      5. I can’t remember how I found it, I think he commented on one of mine so I went to look and saw the title.

      More seriously the UFG. I do find them a little hard to swallow, BUT. They clubbed together to buy up derelict housing in the US’s worst zip code to try and help the community. (I think they are ‘Christians’ so …) The school was bought on loans and community fund raising. I understand your concerns about animal welfare, with the land they could go veggie, but at least it is a very positive example they are setting. They are helping that community to feel better about itself. The day they moved in someone took a pot shot at them. Within a couple of days one of the guys got mugged on his way home from work, (He was presumably employable because he was white in a mostly black neighbourhood) However they do seem to have had an impact on some of the youngsters, provided a little hope and an alternative to the gangs. Each journey starts and all that. Did you see the video when they were in India. They were like fish out of water. No idea that electric tools wouldn’t work but they bought local tools and set to. More importantly they did help a very poor community.

      Enough already.

      • No you didn’t. I hope you miss.

        I, on the other hand will not reply to everything.

        I thought military and/or police had to cover the Olympics because G4S had made such a cock-up of it, or so my skimpy reading informed me.

        Ah yes, the chain gang scenario. I really can’t support the notion of people doing full-time work for a measly dole cheque. Apart from the fact that they are doing work that other employed people are doing, it totally offends my trade union sensitivities that all work should command a reasonable wage.

        I do however appreciate the increase in crime and more money for you. I also appreciate the job offer, and similarly would like an extremely large salary and then I can afford to work part-time.

        Would anyone want to invade? Apart from illegal immigrants?

        You’ve switched me off the UFGs even more now you’ve told me they are Christians 😀 Yes, the theory is ok but……. that’s about all. Do they use pesticides? I’m guessing not because one of them did mention organic compost, but whether or not he meant organic as in no junk, or just a chemical meaning, wasn’t clear.

        The community aspect is good. As is pitching in their lot with a poor run-down area and reducing the crime rate. I wonder how long they will last. Or what price they will sell out for??

  3. You are, of course, spot on and at the risk of incurring your wrath, I see a whole regiment of Welsh soldiers volunteered, on returning from Helmand, to do security for the beach volleyball.

    It was just that G4S didn’t have enough people so …

    I suppose a balance needs to be drawn between helping those who really can’t work, those who want ot but can’t get a job and those who want to lay in bed and play on a gameplayxbox thingy. The latter should get nothing or be used for forces labour in return for food money, or is that a bit hardline?

    Perhaps I could pay you a full time salary to work when you feel like it, of course I would continue to work for peanuts and do long hours because I am dedicated to the service of the people in whose community I live.

    Well the French and Germans have always been quite keen and who knows if we had a really wacky government the yanks may want to come and straighten us out. For our own good of course.

    Sorry about the chritian thing. They don’t ever say it, it’s just the impression I get but it can’t be everyone’s cup of tea (nettle). No pesticides were used in their production BTW, I have watched most of their video’s which are, it has to be said a little cringe worthy!

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