Bonkers, eating insects?

Posted: July 30, 2012 in climate change, common sense, food
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It seems that food corporations are becoming concerned at the price of meat. It is heading toward becoming a luxury item again. Of course that will effectively mean less money for the retailer because fewer people will buy. Governments and the UN are also concerned. How on earth will we be able to feed ourselves?

Insects are the answer apparently. Apparently a new name has been invented, mini livestock. Aw please, a cockroach by any other name …

There are millions of people in the world who manage to live perfectly happy fulfilling worthwhile lives contributing to society and the economy who are vegetarian. If people want to eat meat and it costs lots then they will have to pay. Insects are famine food. Do the food giants believe that the world will want to survive on Beetle burger and slug salami (OK not an insect I know but you get the idea) Spider Sausage etc. Permaculture and organics can lead the world out of food poverty. If money from the UN or governments / big business was invested in teaching and setting up Permaculture sites to educate the masses there would be abundant food gardens accross the planet, even in currently arid regions.

Of course the big food industries would no longer be making money. Instead of sitting at a desk manipulating prices, growing fat and poor health on the labour of poorly paid agricultural workers, CEO’s could actually get out and work. Not so much money, but a healthier, more honest lifestyle awaits.

So come on, leave the insects alone. We do not need to kill creatures to survive in this world, the plants can do it for us. Who knows, if we stop killing animals and insects, we might stop killing each other.

  1. Good post with some nice ideas – Not sure that I fancy a plate of deep fried locusts anyway!

  2. Ah, this is a better post. I can relate to this one. I have taken to looking at the meat counter in Morrisons. Not because I lust after a nice steak Tartare but it is my latest form of entertainment reading the mind-boggling prices.

    I read someone’s blog the other day about being so hard up they had to live on rice and lentils towards the end of the week. Well, dear me, what a shame. There are millions of starving people who would be very appreciative of sufficient rice and lentils. Myself, I think there is little to beat a good dahl. (With rice). Our Saturday evening meal was rice and tofu stir fry.

    The West is obsessed with over-consumption and imagery. Steak and chips v rice and lentils. I personally, would not want to eat insects any more (or less) than I want to eat fish, flesh, fowl. I’m not saying the three Fs aren’t nice foods, they are. If you are happy both ethically and environmentally to eat them. I’m not.

    However I am willing to become a supplier of dead cockroaches to any food company who approaches me, which may or may not have been killed organically (ie hit with something) or alternatively, zapped with spray. After all, most people don’t care about pesticides on their veg so why would a little Agent Orange on their cockroaches matter?

    • But the poor little roach is someones mother father brother sister son daughter too!

      I guess it’s a problem in some parts of the world. In the mess in Dusseldorf they used to be flushed through the coke machine (in the days when I did disgusting mega corporation drinks) and one would often find a terrified roach half drowned in ones freshly poured glass! Of course, young testosterone fuelled men would then indulge in roach eating competitions. Oh, maybe that’s where this stupid idea started.

      The article I saw went onto even dafter depths talking about sound affecting the taste of food and a company developing a fridge with a special hum that made people believe the food was fresher. I believe I may have slipped into a parallel universe.

      • The poor extremely LARGE roach invades my house without an invitation. I don’t care how many relatives it has, and it needn’t bring them too. It’s just a climatological problem I guess. I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t scuttle. They make me jump. We had one in the bathroom in Spain when we first moved in and I thought it was cute before I realised what it was. I used to call it the Naked Lunch creature. Then I remembered that the Naked Lunch creatures were cockroaches. I decided he wasn’t cute any more 😦

      • That article is unbelievable. WTF are they doing farting around in labs inventing new foods instead of feeding people who are starving? Well? More junk processed food, this time based on insects. Totally crazy.

        And everyone knows about seaweed. Don’t they? Not that I have any in at the moment, but I do use it from time to time.

  3. Ah, a similar reaction to mine. Indeed, I couldn’t read it all I just skimmed and got irritated. Hard to imagine I know but on the penometer I was at about 4.5 of irritation. Of course by the time they have put all sorts of chemicals flavour enhancers salt sugar and other good stuff, not forgetting a ‘healthy’ dose of MSG the insect burger will taste just like a beef burger (which doesn’t really taste of meat IMHO.

    As an aside, The One bought some Linda McCartney burgers to try, they tasted like they were from McDonalds. Is it a joining of the Scottish Clans I wonder?

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