According to CNN (because that’s who I chose to look at) the recently dearly departed London Olympiad was very green.

It’s good to see that we, here in the UK, made an effort to do things right. Using recycled materials as much as possible. Surplus gas lines were used.

The boards in the velodrome are from sustainably sourced Siberian Pine.

Does it strike anyone else as odd?

Hang on, why were the pipes surplus, because someone made too many, or have we stopped piping gas therefore will never have to repair the existing lines or because there was a special order for gas piping to build the roof?

The sustainable timeber, how much CO2 was emitted in it’s transportation? Come to that, has anyone calculated the carbon damage to the world from flying in athletes, dignitaries, families, supporters, fans and holiday makers?

Was the concrete poured of an environmental kind, I doubt it because of the strictures on budget.

I do applaud the archaeological work undertaken before the land was forever buried. I also applaud the wetland regeneration, as reported. I wonder ow long funding will remain in place to maintain the systems until they become properly self sustaining.

The greensest way to host an Olympics would be to have athletes compete at home, beamed around the world by sustainably produced electricity the results being reviewed and medals presented to those that had the longest throw, best time whatever. No travel, no expensive stadia, no gas burning torch to pollute the atmosphere.

Or am I just a miserable git?

  1. That’s a really good idea!

  2. Damn Yorkshire women. Steals the exact words I was going to say! πŸ˜‰

    Anyway apart from yes, the concept of ‘greenness’ is a problem. We ‘need’ more energy efficient products at a vast cost to produce, for example. No we don’t. We need to use less energy as per that brill vid link that you showed about what the future might be like. We don’t need to keep buying the latest more energy efficient/greenest item under the sun without a care in the world what happens to the old one.

    Oh dear, miserable git no 2 here……

  3. I like to use the term realistic more than miserable to be honest. Of course we don’t need, just want want want … Making things last should be made a virtue again.

    • Indeed. I totally defy anyone to say that the number of new cars they have had in the 25 or so years we have had our nearly 40-year old Land Rover is either a) ‘greener’ or b) more energy efficient or c) primarily contributing to the local economy (which obv LR vehicles and spare parts certainly used to).

      • And of course they are easier to repair being less technical, no electronic chips, and they look like proper Landy’s.
        I couldn’t agree more, over time the carbon cost is probably less. It would probably run on veggie oil as well!

      • Both the Series and the Santana would run on that. But the Series is a V8, vrrrrrrrm πŸ™‚ and we are just having a discussion about engines right now. I want to keep the V8 – it was originally a two and a quarter, the V8 consumed no more fuel and sure as hell shot away from the opposition much to their surprise at the sluggish old Land Rover. Ooops, that destroys my credentials really doesn’t it?

        Certainly easier to repair, as is the Santana (diesel). We have yet to get our heads around the modern TD5 Defender.

      • So you are a girl racer then, shame on you!

      • Thought you were going to call me a petrol head. Nope, don’t really race in a Land Rover (well not ours), but I was a bit nippy in the Renault 19, 16 valve, 1.9.

  4. I used to race Landy’s when serving queen and country. Adventure training they called, stick in roll bars and drive like a loony. I had a glorious year of rallying before I got posted and it all cane to a stop. Probably just as well I would have ended up killing myself I think.

    Couldn’t call you a petrol head, diesel maybe πŸ™‚

    The One is a bit of a petrol head too, I bought her a Nissan Fairlady zx300 which she loved, we toured Europe in it, had a brilliant time then sold it for more than I paid for it!!

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