How hard can it be …

Posted: August 17, 2012 in big society

I have been looking at some Neolithic jewellery here

I am blown away by the simplicity and plain designs. But, and here is the $60,000 question, how did they do it?

Has anyone ever tried to cut, grind, drill or polish flint. It’s too hard for my POWER tools, which they didn’t have of course. These primitive, uncultured and uncivilised people have us beaten hands down when it comes to art culture and living in the world. Taking what they needed without causing massive permanent harm to the planet.

Just wanted to say that really.

  1. Looking at neolithic jewellery – as you do 😀

    it’s amazing what was achieved in the past. And what we don’t achieve now 😦
    I see the gloomy pig is back on form 😉

    • Well the thing is, the past (distant past) is what we need to look at to learn how we should be now. Lets face it they were around for much longer than the modern industrialised world and did no damage to speak of.
      I am constantly staggered by the achievements of our distant ancestors, what would they make of us I wonder?
      Thanks for the vote of Gloominess! 😉

  2. Vicky says:

    I seriously think they had some unexplained help.
    ‘Chariots of the Gods’ stuff:-)

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