The Pussy Riot have been found guilty, the sentence has been passed. Putin‘s Russia is being portrayed as descending into a Stalinesque condition.

I have mentioned the Pussy Riot before. Not being religeous it doesn’t particularly bother me that they did what they did in a church. I can see it would upset believers. But whatever happened to turning the other cheek?

To quote from CNN:

‘While their actions outraged many of Russia’s faithful, their high-profile trial prompted international concern about freedom of speech in Russia.’

The piece, which can be found here:

appears to be broadly supportive of the girls. I wonder what would have happened if a similar protest had taken place at a similarly holy site in the US? I specifically exclude Native American holy sites because we know how they have been treated by the whites over the years. No, I am talking specifically about a WASPish or Catholic house of worship. In my bones I feel the result would likely to be the same.

  1. That’s an interesting comparison – and I’m sure you’re right. All we have to do is look at the conspiracy around Assange that you wrote about.

    • I feel vindicated, the Russian Orthodox church have forgiven the girls apparently, they must have read my post!!! There was a recent shooting of Sikhs in the states but it was only a sidebar to the days stories and disappeared after one airing only. I am sure that would have been different if the shooting had been at any white christian shrine.

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