The falling leaves …

Posted: September 4, 2012 in food, wilderness
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As summer tumbles, with the leaves toward the autumn, the Pen has been busy doing garden chores and general tidying. Work merely gets in the way. So, there I was clearing the garage, something shiny caught my eye buried at the back, under the cycle trailer. I had rediscovered my Cobb barbecue. The One had been to a meal with her colleagues from work, she had eaten haloumi and veg kebabs, of the skewered variety. We had talked about cooking these but I had completely forgotten the Cobb, discarded when we stopped eating flesh. Anyway, a wash and shine, later and some locally sourced sustainably managed woodland charcoal purchased a Barrie was called for. A sunny afternoon and the kebabs prepared.


They were delicious and made a lovely end to a days labour in the garden.

At this time of year my thoughts turn to alcohol, well it is pretty much at the forefront of my mind most of the year, but this is Elderberry time! A morning spent rummaging around in the local(ish) hedgerows produced enough of the shiny black jewels for a gallon of the good stuff. Home to turn the raw material into the makings for some of the best country wine money can’t buy.


Just four pounds of fruit and in a few months a gallon of wine to enjoy.
The bug was perfectly placed to stop me picking the fruit but never mind, there was plenty more.



Pure goodness

  1. I love veg kebabs. Looks like we make pretty similar ones. I tend to use tofu for mine and my luxury is adding lots of bay leaves which I think really add a fantastic flavour. (I cut down on the excessive luxury by splitting them in half). Not having a barbie, I cook them in the oven, and usually serve with a hottish/Tamari type sauce.

    Elderberries look a bit of a faff. You would need a drink by the time you had finished preparing those. The only home made wine I can remember having was elderflower champagne at the house of a friend’s parents. It was extremely good to my surprise.

  2. Vicky says:

    The kebabs look rather yummy.

    Home made wine was a passion of mine in the late 80’s, to the extent I couldn’t see my kitchen work surface for demijohns. You name it, I converted it to wine.

    Rice and raisin was the most potent at 19%.

    I only found out recently why my youngest doesn’t like red wine, unknown to me, at the age of fourteen, she had pinched one of my reds to share with a friend at a sleepover, they both spent that night with their heads down her friends toilet.

    • I love barley wine simple to make and tasty. The best thing though is foraging for free ingredients and making something alcoholic for nothing! The big bonus is I don’t seem to get a hangover with any of the homemade wines.

  3. Meant to add this link 😉

    which is what I’m cooking right now. No peppers but considering adding pineapple to the skewers.

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