Organic food, good or bad?

Posted: September 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The BBC report today, that studies show there is no nutritional difference between organic and non organic food. Now, statisticians will argue til doomsday I am sure. We all know there are lies, damn lies and statistics don’t we?

Surely the point is, and the study does acknowledge this, that by eating organic one is less likelyinjectable pesticide.

If a holistic approach is taken, it can be seen that the food may not actually provide ME with more nutrition, but it provides mother earth with more real sustainable nutrition while at the same time not poisoning me or the localFlores and fauna.


  1. I never understand peoples views about organic food. Like the ones in the supermarket check outs who complain that it is more expensive and shouldn’t be because they don’t have to pay for chemicals. Or the guy who worked for Fisons (!) and referred to it as unhealthy junk. He paid for lunch for us at a vegetarian restaurant and was gutted when he discovered the wine he had ordered was organic.

    I’ve never thought about the nutritional aspects specifically. A potato is a potato is a potato – of whatever type obviously – but it’s what I am NOT putting into me that counts. I don’t want to eat agent Orange. And yes, obviously better for the whole ecological system. But it’s not better for big business is it? And that’s what matters.

    I’ve never understood why people choose to eat pesticides. Do they really think they are safe? Or are people just plain stupid?

  2. Stupid.

    Also, because chemicals are the usual way and make growing food easy it is seen as normal, and we all love to be normal don’t we.

    I am sure if we were told by allegedly responsible people that cardboard was good for us the sheep would eat it. (er, bran flakes?)

    Society has this thing for perfection, size 00, manicured lawns, grow plants in straight rows, organics don’t fit that, the produce is often not a ‘perfect’ shape therefore can’t taste as good can it? Of course it doesn’t taste AS good, it tastes better.

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