Wiki leaks is innocent!

Posted: September 7, 2012 in common sense, crime, government, Justice and Fairplay, Politicians
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Interesting. It seems, according to the BBC that Julian Assange is no longer at risk of arrest for rape as there is no evidence, according to the Swedish prosecutor. So, there is no evidence, there is evidence, there is no evidence!

A couple of questions, how dumb is the Swedish prosecutors office? A senior prosecutor said that the allegation was not strong enough for Assange to be arrested. That initial decision was overruled by the boss. Okay, these things happen, top paid lawyers in senior quasi government positions do get things wrong, their teams of assistants have input into decisions made which can be wrong. However, having made such a fuss, issuing the warrant and then watching as the whole political asylum fiasco played out, it seems incredible that the chief prosecutor now agrees with the first prosecutor.

Perhaps the conspiracists are right, perhaps Uncle Sam was applying pressure in order to achieve its own shady ends.

So, where does this leave Asange?

Even more peculiar is the information contained in the report further into the article, that no-one knows the current whereabouts of Mr Assange, surely he is still holed up in the embassy in London? Oh no, it is thought that he was in Sweden last week!

Deals and double deals among governments are being played out in secret, why not just be transparent about the whole thing. Answer, because those governments allowed the situation to get out of hand enraging hard line fundamentalists on the one hand, not Islamic, much much worse, the hawkish right wing American ‘my country right even when it’s wrong’ types.

Had there been openness, had Sweden been honest about the weight of evidence against Assange, had they told the US that they were not a poodle state like the UK, would any of this happened?

The US ignores the facts, Sweden now appears to be an incompetent, corrupt state, the UK looks stupid for laying siege to a foreign diplomatic mission in London, human rights activists and supporters of the freedom of speech appear to be vindicated. Hardly the result the US was looking for.

Some things need to remain secret, launch codes and such like, details of a rape allegation, at least in the UK are known to the defence at the point a suspect is interviewed, transparency is key to justice and fair play.

Now I am being stupid if I expect governments to play by the rules of justice and fair play.

  1. I was going to say perhaps it was a plot to lure Assange out of the embassy and then arrest him and extradite him, but if he has already snuck out…?

    I have to say it has conspiracy theory written all over it to me, but this is a woman who wasn’t entirely convinced by the WMD fabrication reports.

  2. That would be because you are:
    a) suspicious
    b) paranoid
    c) not sucked in by government propaganda
    d) wise

    You can choose! (I have my answer already.

    Bizarre isn’t it how things work out, they still want to talk to him about ‘molestation’ but it is not a serious offence that warrants arrest. Must google Swedish molestation, over here I assume the equivalent would be the old indecent assault, replaced by 500 new offences under the 2003 Act, they are ALL arrest able. Maybe we are a draconian society …

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