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I see today that our glorious leader, ‘Dave’ wide boy Cameron for those who hadn’t grasped the fact that he is not some second hand car salesman, is once again supporting the big cheeses.

Yesterday he distanced himself from debates concerning the Recommendations of the Leverson enquiry. He must be afraid that he won’t be able to carry on his cosy relationship with the Murdochs and their minions if he does.

However, today he has come out to say that he rules out the naming and shaming of large multinational companies who fail to pay their fair share of tax in Britain. Strange, Jimmy Carr was named and shamed but of course, he is just an individual, a little man when compared to the income potential through tax of the likes of Google et al.

Amazon, Starbucks and Google have been mentioned as corporations against whom there ought to be a more aggressive approach. The comments were made as a report was released by the Public Accounts Commitee saying that offenders should be named and shamed by the government as well as being prosecuted rather than being offered ‘sweetheart’ deals.

What does the government get out of this? Do the country benefit? I wonder if the money spent chasing benefit fraud is able to recoup as much as a similar amount spent chasing even one of the global players.

Mr Cameron said, ‘An important part of our tax system is taxpayer confidentiality.’ I heard not a single breast being beaten when Jimmy Carrs name came out. Not that I think he is deserving of any sympathy at all.


Are we so far removed from, not only reality, but also from the living and manufactured worlds?

I recently saw an advertisement that suggested this was indeed the case. Do we really love our vehicles so much that we view them as living breathing entities rather than the polluting lumps of metal they really are. The picture was taken from my personal lump of inanimate metal in the rain.


Tax the rich feed the poor?

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In the autumn statement is seems, the chancellor gor bless ‘im, is to announce tougher times for the wealthy.

Do we believe him?

On the 29th November the government announced new investment plans in the renewable energy field. Not to be paid for by big companies nor even the power companies. The cost is to be born by the small and individual consumers it seems.

I hear that those in possession of expensive houses are not to be subject to the ‘mansion tax’.

The Telegraph stated the following:

‘It is understood David Cameron also came out firmly on what he saw as a move which would be extremely unpopular in Conservative-voting heartlands in the south of England, where property prices are highest.’

So once again Dave and his colleagues are looking after their chums.

The Telegraph also said, ‘One government source said: “A property tax is complicated. You would have to order a revaluation of properties for council tax. That would be cumbersome, take a long time and be deeply unpopular. Moving again on pension relief is far more straight-forward.”’

Bless, the allegedly best brains in the country can’t do their sums. If a property tax is too complicated perhaps they ought to think about their position and whether they deserve to hold the exhalted office they have. Or perhaps it is the new method of governance, duck the tough issues and tax the poor.

The chancellor is going to reduce tax relief on pensions, the threshold being reduced to 30 or 40,000. No problem for me, the government are already raiding my pension, as well as every other public service worker. The public service workers can hardly be described as the wealthy. The wealthy will have accountants who are well placed to not only have their fees tax deductible, but have the ability to reduce the tax burden of their client reduced to a negligible amount.

So the government are still unable to tell the truth. The high flying business tycoons who fund all of our political parties can continue to feast on their luxuries, rape our planet and plunder our bank accounts with impunity.