Happy days – short lived

Posted: September 16, 2013 in Banks, common sense, country, sussex, downs, economy, government, Uncategorized
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I am less angry today than I have been for sometime. I had a glorious couple of days with ‘the one’. Findon Sheep Fair was duly attended a blissful day among the livestock.

However, Dave and his chums do seem to have the knack of keeping me where I apparently belong. The doldrums.

Two brief posts for today, rolled into one. Travelling to work today Classic FM announced that the government was to impose stiffer penalties for benefit cheats. This could, we are reliably informed by auntie BEEB, lead to 10 year jail terms for those who claim without merit. Ummmm, if there is so much cell space in Her Majesty’s hotels, why are burglars, murderers and rapists not locked away for a decent amount of time? Me thinks that this may need to be reviewed in the fullness of time. Or, will they just amend the legislation allowing a maximum term of 10 years then issue sentencing guidelines which will tie the hands of the judiciary and force short sentences, with an automatic third off if they behave, oh and the third is calculated off the half at they are expected to serve. ??????

Yes, sentence to five years serve 2.5 and get a third off that if you are good.

The other thing I have noticed, trawling the BEEB’s website, the chancellor who is in charge of the countries money was happy to pay 73.6p for Lloyds shares. The government are thinking about selling 6% of there shares. The current share price is 77.36p. The chancellor is pleased that this is beyond his break even figure of 61p.

I am no mathematical genius. I do know though that if I pay 73.6p for something and I sell it for 61p I have not broken even. I have received no value from the stock in the way of dividend, the government saw to that, I have received no payment or utility of any kind from owning the shares, so I must be out of pocket 12.6p per share.

Indeed at the time the government paid 73.6p per share, the shares were selling for 61p. So we, the people, paid 12.6p over the odds for shares that the chancellor was happy to lose another 12.6p on when he sold! No wonder the country has gone to the dogs.


  1. I was trying to work out the logic of the so-called break even for what clearly looked like a loss and continued reading to see you wrote exactly what I was thinking. I had to laugh. What else to do? I wonder why life is so complicated? Perhaps because the world is run by idiots. Invariably greedy idiots without sense or principals. If I
    ruled the world, or even part of it

    • ‘phone playing up with comments. As I was writing – the world wd be a finer place. Lots of rescued animals, no GMOs or pesticides. Organic. No starving people because less/no meat eating. No environmental damage. Restoring devastated landscapes. No greedy consumerism. And chancellors who can work out that 73.6 – 61 = 12.6 is not break even.

    • Every day would be the first day of spring?

  2. Fortuitous break in your comment I thought, allowed me to smile at the thought. Of course the people in charge are precisely as you describe, and mostly men! They lack a sense of what is best for 1 the planet, 2 the country 3 the people. They also appear to believe the people are all idiots who don’t understand. How’s the ankle?

    • I wd have written – cue for a song but just couldn’t do any more with that comment. 😀

      I think the problem is the idiots in charge choose not to see the connections. They wd be better off spending less time on rocket science and more on basics. I’m being charitable assuming they can see the connections. They may well think people like me are part of a nasty red lefty conspiracy. Perhaps I am.

      Not bad thanks. I do too much and then have a not so good day. I don’t think I’ll be running a marathon in the near future. Hands, and lap, full with rescue puppy. A suitable distraction.

      How’s the garden? I’ve planted some onion sets and beetroot seeds (and others) which are now coming through 🙂 See, basics. Easy.

      • Um, I think the idiots in charge don’t care about connections. Or at least only one connection, lots of money, my bank = perfection so stuff the rest.

        I am not sure they understand rocket science, most barely have a coherent thought process. Now if they forgot Rocket science and thought more about salad rocket science the world would be a greener and pleasanter place…

        Lots of ice, elevate the errant limb, sitting in the sun supping on a nice cold white wine with new lap friend to hand, this is what Dr Pig orders.

        The hallowed earth of Pen Towers is currently devoid of edibles. We had a wonderful crop of alpine strawberries which now have stopped producing. Things are afoot which I cannot share at present but the inactivity on the produce front will become clear in maybe a month or two.

  3. Vicky says:

    Great pic of the ram, I assume it is one with those horns 🙂

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