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spring thing effect

Posted: April 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

Darknesss late receded, fresh breezes on the move,
The slavering beast no longer stirs, the silence grows so soothing

The tide is turned, I hope again and wake with anticipation
A future beckons, joy and pleasure, the one and I together

Dawn breaks, with sounds anew, saline scent surrounding,
A smile, a laugh, sounds forgot burst forth, delight in pastel hue

A paler dark creeps oe’er there, a storm cloud blankets shroud,
Loki turns, a hand is proffered, slyly in the gloom.

The hounds do stir, slaver drools, pools forming now, not fragrent
A howl so shrill, gnashing jowls, puncture sharp the flesh

Tearing, rending, cloaking crepe of midnight shade, in tie length torn,
The days extend, hours stretch until I, to you return

A coven forms of discontent, a sharing of combined troubles,
I’m not alone, isolation fades, a glimmer of light returns.

I dream of grinding bones, of death and of destruction,
My smile returns, long since gone, with hope and distant views.

My demon is at last cast aside, in my mind ground into dust,
I live no more for toil to endure, my days are now more golden.