Can UK Justice learn from Africa?

Posted: June 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

Apparently witnesses are not always treated well. Here in the UK they can be kept hanging on for months then receive a call at the last minute to inform them that they must be and such a court in a few hours time to give evidence. 

I have been reading an article about a witness in Uganda. There have been a spate of murders in Uganda. The victims are all Muslim clerics. A witness agreed to give evidence. He was beaten and castrated in an effort to persuade him that giving evidence was not a good idea. 

I do not know how difficult it is to persuade witnesses to come forward in Uganda, but I am guessing it is probably harder than in the UK. 

Apparently the Police had removed some of the 31 suspects from the jail in order to force them to give evidence against each other in the trial. In response the Judge has ordered that no suspects should be taken from the jail and if Police or other agents want to speak to the suspects their lawyers would have to be present.

I can see that in the circumstances the lawyers will probably earn their fees.


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