The final final word.

Posted: June 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

Yes, it is the flip flop referendum. I have previously written about the paucity of information. About my confusion. I am not alone, Benjamin Zepphaniah appears to share my concern.

I see today’s BBC carries reports that a lot of former Brexit’s are now remains. The ‘big names’ include Sir Richard Branson. Apparently he has long been a supporter of Brexit but now, at the 11th hour, feels that he remembers the difficulties of trade pre EU.

‘I am very fearful that if Britain loses the market of 500 million people that it will be catastrophic for Britain’

As a very astute business man how can it have taken this long for him to work it out?

It is my belief that the U turn of those named by auntie BEEB shows how impossible it is to tell truth from lies and that the Pros and Cons have no clue but are reacting with instinct.

Leaders of industry are looking for what is best, perhaps, for those industries, they do not look holistically at the country and the benefits and detriments as a whole.


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