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European or not?

Posted: June 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

This once proud and glorious nation is currently faced with a choice. The aging population, who live and breathe a by gone age when England ruled a quarter of the globe, view the impending poll with relish.
England, land of hope and glory, it is time to throw off the shackles of Europe, mixing with the old enemy (and the Germans). Both France and Germany have, in recent times, set the agenda for all in wider Europe. We, Great Britain, have been side lined. It is time to regain our idyllic past. Oh those jolly days in the air raid shelters. Watching bombers overhead while we try to make a cake on the ration allowance. There was much less crime, much less horror. It was a glorious time when people had time for their neighbours. A time when you could leave your doors open and nothing would be stolen. There was no immigration, we could show how we truly felt about ‘jonny foreigner’. The nation did and can once again pull together.
This tiny Island with no worthwhile manufacturing, destroyed by the Thatcher years. No public service, no heavy industry, only financial markets to make money. How are we to survive without a community? Of course, rationing, black markets, spivs, just like the war without the bombs.
Surely we must come to realise that in order to survive ‘on the outside’ there must be something we own that others want. Bankers, well each nation has its own and why would they want our untrustworthy sorts? Coal, oh no that’s gone. Steel, aren’t India rather big in that now and China. Well we have always been a nation of shopkeepers, now we can sell imported goods, with added trade tariffs I suspect. Perhaps we can provide food for ourselves, if the bees don’t die and the dairy herds are profitable. That will mean price hikes.
I know not who coined the phrase, ‘lies damn lies and statistics’ but I do believe this should be universally applied to the upcoming referendum. All sides are spouting figures, dressed up as fact, whilst they are little more than mere speculation. Who knows what effect the break-up of the Union may be. Rather than tell us to vote this way or that I believe we should be left to draw lots, cut cards or vote with our gut. These are no less precise than the spin of ‘Brexit’ or whatever the opposite equivalent is.
Perhaps there is a solution, leave Europe and start invading places with raw material and people for us to exploit and enslave. We could call this Empire building. Alternatively we could declare war on China, or Germany, or France. When we lose we could ask for help to rebuild our country and hope that our overlord is as effective as the allies after the last unpleasantness. (Makes you wonder who won the war dunnit?) In order for this to be a realistic proposition we would need a population of people who are prepared to work really hard, like the Germans were. Perhaps we should allow the status quo to continue for a while so we can welcome some more East Europeans with their work ethic to help us rebuild.
What about realistically viewing our nation. Exactly what can we do alone that we cannot do with our European partners? What will there be shortages of outside of Europe and how will leaving affect the price?
British diplomacy, for years founded on its gunboats, needs to realistically assess this nations standing in the world. We all know that Magna Carta has been built up into a great thing, a truly British idea, created by Norman (Viking) nobles and forced on a reluctant equally ‘foreign’ King. How long was it before Magna Carta actually delivered what it was meant to. (That would be power and wealth for the have’s then)
We should return to our roots, ignore all incomers that arrived after the last ice age. Perhaps we should adhere to our African roots. My own DNA is predominantly Northern European, Germany, France, Denmark, and the Low Countries.
I don’t really care how people vote. I just do not want those who think they are better than the masses to force an opinion couched in frightening terms to make those less fortunate make knee jerk decisions without being properly informed.
Perhaps applying a nom de guerre to all of the protagonists would appeal. Darth Cameron, Comrade Corbin, Odious Osborne, Benito Boris, Fang Farage … You get the idea.
People of these British Isles, please consider your position. Do not vote for the quick, unachievable, fix. Out, does not mean zero migration. It does not mean repatriation for all those souls who have come to make their home here. In does not mean that we will kowtow to our European masters, that we will not be allowed to have British whatever.
The truth lies, I suspect somewhere between. My view, for what it is worth, we are close to Europe both physically and genetically. Our markets are all similar, our desires for life are the same. We have politicians that are far from perfect. Inequality abounds throughout the nation states. BUT, at least Europe, together, can have an impact on the world stage. It can help to moderate the views and actions of the big nations of the world, The US, Russia, China. No European country, except perhaps France or Germany, have much political clout alone. Together we can change things for the better. We can challenge the attitudes and views of those nations who are more draconian than we would wish.
If you disagree with me, fine, but vote from a considered position not just because of the nonsense we are told.