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The voice of reason?

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Terence Nathan, UKIP Councillor for Bromley South East London is just the kind of man we need in power to calmly steer the country through the Brexit process.

It seems he feels all Remainers should be shot.

So…. Get rid of all those who are not WASPS able to prove their heritage back to 8000BC when the first EUROPEANS came to Britain before being stranded by the melting Ice.

Then get rid of the 48% of the population who wanted to stay in Europe. Who then will do all the work to create the New British Utopia?

I assume the 52%, or the vast majority of them, are already in work so they won’t be available to fill all the vacant posts, never mind the new need for ‘several’ grave diggers of course.


Pen for pigs

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I am thinking about the last 20 years, as I approach midnight blackness of my career in the pen. I cannot claim to have ever experienced the flush of enthusiasm which appears to infect most new porkers. Perhaps I was too long in the tooth when I began this, my third career. As I reflect I see that things were much simpler back then. 

As a young piglet I learned the power of the mark one mouth. The only self-protection equipment I had was a side handled baton a la TJ Hooker. We had been taught rudimentary self-defence techniques. We would practice these once a year.

My uniform consisted of white shirts, black clip on tie, heavy serge navy blue trousers, boots, a heavy serge tunic, blue NATO pullover and cap.

We were given radios when we were on duty. They failed more often than they worked. We worked as two officers in each car. We had simple computers that had black display screens with green text. Our intelligence system was a turquoise screen with white writing. We used typewriters and blobby biros. Everything was handwritten, mostly on self-carbon paper which required the strength of Samson to write on for it to be legible through the layers.

Once I was confirmed in rank, Constable, I was sent to the uniform investigation team which we called the Beat Crime Unit. I then became a Detective and have risen to the dizzy heights of Detective Constable.

Twenty years on much has changed. Officers look like a South American para military squad. Military style cargo pants (sorry I know its American but that is what they are called), black turtle neck shirts, ballistic vests, personal issue, our radios are also personal issue as are the ‘Phone / tablet handsets. Each officer now carries an extendable baton and pepper spray. Many are armed with Taser.

Our computer systems are now so intelligent they are cleverer than the officers using them. 

More people seem to be arrested although I think some arrests could be avoided by using verbal communication (talking they called it in my day). We are taught to be aware of our NVC’s, (posture) and to be politically correct.

One area that does, in this old boars eyes, need improvement is two of the three R’s. Readin’ and rightin’. I have increasingly, over the years, become aware of the creeping disease that is txt spk. It finds its way into all sorts of official documents. We now use our computers to type reports. I marvel at the laziness of those officers, who must know their spelling is not great, who fail to use spell check. And yet, we are constantly told we must be professional, must adhere to the code of ethics and cope with increasing work against diminishing resources. All the while the public support for the office of constable appears to be diminishing. I have lost count of the number of unemployed, unemployable criminals who have told me that they pay my wages, that I am their servant and that I should just fuck off.

Of course it may just be me. It may be that I work in a particularly nasty place. Or it could be that the public are losing patience with having to wait for emergency response, tales of highly paid (chief) officers incapable of delivering on unrealistic expectations with fewer officers.

I cannot wait to retire.

Back to the Future

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I have read today that in order to ascertain, with some accuracy, the way a person voted in the recent referendum it is not necessary to know a person’s social class or income. (I think we probably knew that). What I do find interesting however, is what can help in ‘guessing’ with accuracy. 
Apparently asking a person, ‘Is there too much European integration?’ Is also unlikely to prove as accurate way of ascertaining the way in which individuals voted. The most accurate way of determining voting patterns is by asking questions about ‘traditional values’, according to Stian Westlake as reported on the BBC news.

Westlake says that the exit voters valued things like order, stability and safety. Westlake feels this is about harking back to the past, about feeling that people don’t belong in the present.

Of itself order, stability and safety are not bad desires. However, the questions asked that allowed Westlake to make the quoted statement are more concerning in my view.

Examples of the questions quoted by the BBC are;

‘Do you think criminals should be publicly whipped?’

‘Are you in favour of the death penalty?’

Does anyone else find this alarming? There is a rise in racist sentiment, members of the public are forming vigilante groups ignoring the rule of law, for example naming and shaming as paedophiles people who have no police record, have never come to the notice of social services, in fact no legal evidence of any misconduct whatsoever.

Perhaps this nation would prefer to be rooted in the past. A past where children as young as 12 are hung for theft, a time when trial by ordeal or combat is rife. A time when a cutpurses nose would be split, when people would be declared outlaw and be fair game for any psychopathic hooligan to kill torture of maim in any way they see fit. Perhaps a return to the stocks, 

the ducking stool and scolds bridle. After all a good flogging with the cat never hurt anyone did it?

I can only assume that, as age is not a fair indicator for this particular demographic that either people have rose tinted glasses about their past or have been lulled into a sense of wellbeing by watching ‘Lark Rise to Candleford’.

What would our country look like I wonder, if it was only inhabited by White Anglo Saxon Protestants. Doubtless BoJo would be happy, the part Turkish part European (no NOT ENGLISH) aristocrat. 

Whilst I do not have any figures to hand, I would guess that most WASPS are not. There will be African, Spanish, Dutch, Belgian, German and horror of horrors, French DNA contained within the blood of 90 % or better of the entire white population of Englishmen stout and true. I think our country would look empty. 

A question for the died in the wool exiteer repatriators, where would you send the Cornish and the Welsh? What about Scots and Irish, they are not (nor probably want to be) English.

David Davis (an English name? Or Welsh, send him back over Offa’s Dyke) has said that EU migrants coming to the UK as our exit approaches may well not be given the right to stay. (I think they call it leave to remain Dave) he goes on to say that ‘…any steps must be compatible with EU law.’ So that is the fright to freedom of movement then?

I am an older person, I am 60. I have always felt part of this country, a feeling of belonging. I have served my Queen, I have always described myself as English. Since 24th June 2016 I have increasingly felt alienated, I no longer feel that I belong in this country. To be crystal clear, this has nothing to do with the presence of any person born elsewhere in the global community. The sole reason for my feelings of dislocation are due entirely to the upsurge of right wing thugs distributing leaflets under cover of darkness hiding in the shadows rather than let the nation see them for what they really are. I hope I am not alone.

Pressed, gone

Posted: July 16, 2016 in Death

Grey cloud descends light dims

Clawed fist grasps reducing throat

Steel bands round restricted heart

Voice diminished, want of breath

Eyes bulging fade, dim, dark dank

Ears silenced blood engorged

Lungs inflated fluid seeps

Cracking ribs folded flat

Entrails squashed filo thick

Spleen ruptured in scarlet gore

Dislocation, knees and hips

Arms hands feet toes fingers

Embedded in sticky tar



I have always been the patriotic sort, I love my home, my Englishness. I have worn and adorned my motorcycle with the cross of St George, the flag of England. My daughter challenged me, ‘Why have you got a racist flag on your bike?’

I explained patiently that the cross is more than an emblem of English thugishness, that it was the proud declaration of English heritage, Henry V and all that. Empire and two world wars, well maybe these are examples of English Thugishness in themselves. Scientific achievements, Art and great engineering. The flag was something to be proud of. 

I have now succumbed. After the Euro 2016 debacle, the Brexit vote which took all Englishness away from the emblem. Let me explain why.

In about 8000 BC Mesolithic hunter gatherers walked from Europe across the land bridge of Doggerland. The ice continued to melt eventually stranding the continental tribes people in what has become Britain. It seems, so far as has thus been proved via archaeology, that there was no settled population at the time of the severing of physical links with the continent. So, forgetting the evidence that every single one of us come from Africa, more recently we were all sausage eaters, garlic crunchers or whatever other disrespectful epithet comes to mind.

I am also aware of the arrival of the ‘Beaker People’ in these Islands. One, the Amesbury Archer, at least was so well thought of by ‘locals’ that they buried him close to Stonehenge. Another foreigner accepted by these Islands, and respected.
‘The latest tests on the Amesbury Archer, whose grave astonished archaeologists last year with the richness of its contents, show he was originally from the Alps region, probably Switzerland, Austria or Germany. The tests also show that the gold hair tresses found in the grave are the earliest gold objects found in Britain.’ (Wessex Archaeology Online)

In the years around 75 BC it seems that my home county was taken over by the Atrebates, a tribe of Celtic and German stock arriving from the continent.

55BC the first Roman Invasion, which would have undertaken by peoples from across the Roman Empire as soldiers, tradesmen, slaves, families and visitors. At this time the DNA of Britain must have contained traces of every other country in the then known world. 

Just after the end of the first Roman incursion a Celtic tribe, the Regnenses arrived on these shores under the leadership of Commius. His grandson Cogidubnus is probably the person who had the Palace at Fishbourne built and was an ally of Rome and welcomed them for the second ‘Invasion’.

Fishbourne Palace

Following the departure of Rome for the second time, the Picts became a problem, the Angles and Saxons were invited to settle and assist the country. There appears to have been no violent takeover by the Angles and Saxons, more a peaceful co-existence and development of a merging culture.

Then Vikings, Danes and ultimately French Normans (who were Vikings really). 

By 1066 therefore this country could not claim to be made up of one peoples. Truly the British were mongrels. A mix of stock from across Europe, the Mediterranean and beyond.

Further waves of French, Dutch then arrived with others from Europe. The Romani originiating in South Asia arrived in the 16th Century.

Peoples of the Indian sub continent began arriving as a result of the exploitation of the East India Company (founded in 1600). Many of those arriving from India way settled and took local wives. The first London Indian Restaurant was founded in 1810 by Sake Dean Mahomed a captain of the East India Company. His restaurant was called the Hindoostane Coffee House and he is also credited as the person introducing shampoo and therapeutic massage to Britain.

Sake Dean Mohamed

The 18th Century saw the continued migration of peoples to and from the UK. Africans, Indians and others. Following the war of independence 1100 black loyalist soldiers came to Britain, they were badly treated by those they had fought to protect / assist.

‘Thomas Peters: slave, millwright, soldier…and politician. His voyage from slavery to freedom began when he was kidnapped from Africa and sold into slavery; at the onset of the American revolution, he seized the opportunity to reclaim his freedom fighting with British forces. A talented craftsman, he became a leader of men on the fields of battle. The war’s conclusion found him traveling once again, hoping to redeem the British promise of freedom in Nova Scotia. In the 1780s and 1790s, the former sergeant found himself fighting in unfamiliar territory: the world of British politics. From New Brunswick to London, he tirelessly pursued freedom and justice for his community. He would help found the country Sierra Leone.’

The 19th century saw a substantial population of Germans arrive on these shores, then Russian Jews.

I find it strange that a land of mongrels, who in the past have welcomed ‘jonny foreigner’ and provided comfort and succour in times of need, has turned it’s back on the nations of their forefathers. 

So where am I left with my Englishness? I had thought, King Alfred and Wessex, that’s an answer. I will display Alfreds wyvern. I looked on line, the red Dragon is Celtic apparently. There is a discussion in some places as to whether Alfred used a gold or white wyvern. The white wyvern has been taken to the heart of WASPish organisations.

 I am left, I think looking for an emblem used by Commius (was he a red under the bed?) or the flag of Sussex. Of course the golden martletts on a blue field is a relatively new invention having been first used in 1622 by John Speed in his atlas, Theatrum Imperii Maganae Britanniae. 

My anxiety and sense of loss begins to subside. The one and I are now waiting to see what the future holds for us and our children. Exciting times.

I am slightly surprised that Jeremy Corbin has not stood down following the recent furore in the press and parliament.  But then again, he appears to have attracted about 100,000 new members, predominantly young people. Perhaps Jez is banking on a new wave of socially aware members to reform the Labour Party. Perhaps he wants to step left, away from Neil Kinnocks ‘New Labour’ and return to more socialist values. He would, perhaps, be able to form a proper Labour Opposition unlike the Labory party of Brown, Blair and Milliband.

A new socialism could sweep the country with the interests of the nation put to the fore rather than the interests of those in power. I can live in hope.

The other lot are arguing among themselves, should it be May or Leadsom. Now as an incumbent of the Sty I have no love for Mrs May. She may be a ‘local lass’ in that she was born where I now live, but she has not be fulsome in her support for my colleagues and I.

On the other hand Leadsom is a paid up member of the grab the money and run club for bankers. May is equally tainted with scandal so the choice for the Tories is bad or worse effectively.

Our friends in UKIP make the Lib Dems look irrelevant at the moment. However I understand that we are safe.  Whilst at this time there is no leader (bit of a theme, it must be the holidays) it has been announced to the public that UKIP will monitor negotiations to make sure we get what they want. Unfortunately it is not entirely clear what it is that they bring to the table.

So it is exciting times. There is no precedent for what is about to happen. Will the Tories elect the self confessed Thatcher mark 2 or the current Home Secretary. Will Labour keep Corbin or shuffle back to the right for more Tory nonsense. Will UKIP ever have anything positive to bring to the table or just shout about the evil immigrants. Will anyone come up with a plan, who will negotiate with Europe and what will the country look like in 10 years time. I hope I will not be too senile to comprehend.

I have a thought. It has been said that whatever happens there will not be enough time for the PM to run the country and negotiate our exit. If that is true perhaps a Brexiteer could be nominated to negotiate (Boris anyone?) while the PM deals with the country and navigating it and its citizens through this difficult time, ensuring there is no breakdown in law and order. By this I mean attacks on our current migrant population. The business of ensuring economic stability in the transition period and establishing closer ties with our Commonwealth friends, if we have any.

Overall my excitement is tarnished only by my own unease in leaving important decisions about my life and the countries future in the hands of people who have amply proved themselves, time and time again, to be dishonest, untrustworthy and corrupt.

I hope I am wrong.

Andrea Leadsom

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Thanks Wikipoedia
On 9 April 2014 Leadsom was appointed Economic Secretary to the Treasury in the mini-reshuffle caused by Maria Miller’s resignation from the Cabinet.
Following her appointment, it was discovered that she had placed her shares in a buy-to-let property company, which she had started with her husband in 2003, into trusts for the benefit of her children. This is a move that is commonly used to avoid inheritance tax. She also took advantage of offshore banking arrangements for the property company in an apparent contradiction to George Osborne’s attempts to crack down on tax avoidance.[10] A spokesperson for Leadsom said: “This is a normal corporate situation and all tax that is due is being paid. None of the loans for the properties are based offshore”.
There was further criticism when it was revealed that she had received a series of donations totalling £70,000 from a firm based in London but owned by her Guernsey-based brother-in-law, Peter de Putron, via a holding company in the British Virgin Islands tax haven.[11] Leadsom’s husband Ben is a director of the firm which made the donations, which were used to pay the salaries of staff in Leadsom’s Westminster office after her election as MP; the firm has also made donations of £816,000 to the Conservative party.[12] Because the firm making the donations, Gloucester Research (later becoming GR Software and Research) was based in London the donations conformed to the rule banning political donations from abroad. The Labour MP Tom Watson said: “These very large donations might be within the rules, but it certainly isn’t right that a Treasury minister has been taking money in this way. Most reasonable people will see this as completely unreasonable”.[11]
As the government minister responsible for financial services she oversees the regulation of hedge funds, including London-based DP Management which is owned by her benefactor Mr de Putron, who is married to her sister.