The voice of reason?

Posted: July 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

Terence Nathan, UKIP Councillor for Bromley South East London is just the kind of man we need in power to calmly steer the country through the Brexit process.

It seems he feels all Remainers should be shot.

So…. Get rid of all those who are not WASPS able to prove their heritage back to 8000BC when the first EUROPEANS came to Britain before being stranded by the melting Ice.

Then get rid of the 48% of the population who wanted to stay in Europe. Who then will do all the work to create the New British Utopia?

I assume the 52%, or the vast majority of them, are already in work so they won’t be available to fill all the vacant posts, never mind the new need for ‘several’ grave diggers of course.


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