Stuff about me Pen

   The face that stares blankly from the page is mine.  I have been lovingly christened ‘Grumpy’ by those that know me. As I am over 6′ tall I would guess this is not a reference to any similarity with Snow White‘s dwarf save as to my temper.

It is true, I do like a good moan, but then most men of a certain age seem to enjoy indulging in ‘it wasn’t like that in my day.’ We were, of course, all paragons of virtue.

I am a former soldier, I then trained as a lawyer working in the big bad city of London. Having been at that for some years, getting married and having a son and daughter along the way, I became a Policeman.

Disillusioned with a life (more or less) of service to the government of the day, I have taken to my garden where I try to work with permaculture, abide by the ethics of earth care, fair share, people care. My wife and I have become increasingly concerned about food security and the conditions of farmed animals, the inevitable consequence of which, if you are serious about these things, is become veggie. We have been completely vegetarian for some years and the surprise bonus is that I feel so much healthier for it. I don’t run anywhere anymore it is true, I think that this is more to do with aching joints than lack of energy.

I am a paid up member to my very own ‘green gym‘ where I grow as much fruit and veg as I can for home consumption with the excess being shared around those we know or are less fortunate than we.

This online place is just for me to vent about things I see, read or find that feel unjust, silly, corrupt or enlightening, joyful or otherwise intrigue me to the point I have to say something.

  1. hello shiny bright new to the world of blogging – except you aren’t if you have tried blogger too.. it might be interesting to put something in this section.

    rumour has it that most people click on this when they find a new blog – you don’t have to be honest after all. who would ever know? 🙂

    • Curses muttley … found out. I did try Blogger for a while but if you found it you know it was short and not so very sweet. I did however find it quite cathartic. I think this WP is much better than Blogger, easier to use for me. I assume you mean in my profile bit? I can do but it will have to be a work of pure fiction, the truth would bore people to death.

      • Hardly found out. You confessed on your wordpress post. I’m afraid Det RoughSeas is a bit too busy to go hunting down your blogger persona today, but tomorrow …..

        I liked blogger until they started making changes without consulting me, and locked my dog out of his account (and then me later). I decided to vote with my feet, or fingers.

        I never wrote anything about me all the time I was on blogger, but when I changed to WP after nearly five years with blogger, I went totally overboard, was honest and even posted up a photo. People have tried to get pix of me, out of me, for years. Different blogging community and people expect to read a bit about the author. IMNRHO.

  2. Nice fictitious story there. I like it 🙂 Do you want to get rid of the previous comments?

    Oh, and I lied. Can’t resist a challenge. Found the other pen.

  3. I never really got on with Blogger and thought it was not going to be for me but I now seem to have caught the bug. I used to have anonymised accounts, wear plain dark hoodies in town to avoid CCTV only use cash and only send e-mails from newspaper web sites. Paranoid me ?

    I have come to terms with my electronic life and now don’t care (within reason) what I say on line. I think big brother is too busy to worry about little old me as long as I don’t talk about security stuff. Thanks for your time and help.

    • I never gave to hunt sabs in public – always made my partner do it so that I wouldn’t be caught on CCTV. What a society has developed in the UK 😦

      What help? 😀 I had to comment on the other one. I found a funny post and laughed!

      • You made me look further than just scribing a stream of drivel, you gave me a chuckle, you acknowledged I was here. Ohhh whoa that is sounding a bit deep. The truth is your comments have given my somewhat miserable mood a lift and pointed me to other stuff I can do on the blog. Also, you have given me some interesting stuff to read, good blog you can find it at roughseasinthemed!

  4. * Cough * You have a blog and expectant readers. OK, so I’m not expecting but you get the general idea…

  5. Lisa Downs says:

    Hi – I’m a producer based in London and was hoping to chat with you about a blogging project I’m working on, but I can’t seem to find anyway other way to contact you via. Could you please send me an email on if you get this message today? Thanks, Lisa

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