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Sadly not me. John D Liu, has put together this small film to highlight the benefits of bio diversity and stable ecosystems. A wonderful view for those who care and have time.

John poses a question at the end. In my jaundiced view the answer is greed and lack of concern for others.

It is also nice to see Rwanda that much blighted country leading the world.



Canine Competitor …

Posted: May 28, 2012 in china
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Trawling the BBC this morning I came accross a heart warming / rending story of a little chinese mutt so desperate for food that it ran 1700 km during a cycle race to keep up with the kind soul who gave it some food.

It made me smile anyway …

Climate Change

Posted: December 13, 2011 in america, china, climate change, india, pollution

And another thing, climate change, we have been through the climate change isn’t real. We now seem to be climate change is real and the small countries are worried. Of course the major polluting players have too much to loose by acknowledging the risks of climate change. That will be the Americans who don’t care about anything except money or anyone except themselves. Then there is China and India. Do they not understand. Stop polluting now or we die. Of course on the other hand it may be warmer, or cooler, or wetter