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The silence weeps oozing into the days
Stretching out into weeks and months
The frackers come, smug, oily hands rub
The expectation of profit flows from there very pores
The nature recoils, trees sigh with sadness
The earth made to heave itself skywards
In shafts of despair

A yellow flowering on the trees and fences
A splash of joy and hope unleashed
Strange people garbed in hues both bright and somber
A gathering of ordinary minds joined as one
One purpose many minds power exponentially multiplied
The pawns of the state used to suppress freedom
A bad law misapplied a legacy of Thatcher

A week or two pass our masters gaze distracted
The people remain with their black clad chaperone
Cameron is diverted he smells oil in the air
Petty politics rises with votes to beat him
His cabinet wail at lost trips oe’er the pond
They have no clue of plebeian muses
Mutterings in corners not seen by the great

The drones are restless things fall apart
Money is worthless life beyond our means
The devil strides the world disguised corporate
Gekko the model, greed is the king
You fanfare destruction our green earth is dying
Small steps derided economy ignored
The way forward is spend buy and store.


Are we so far removed from, not only reality, but also from the living and manufactured worlds?

I recently saw an advertisement that suggested this was indeed the case. Do we really love our vehicles so much that we view them as living breathing entities rather than the polluting lumps of metal they really are. The picture was taken from my personal lump of inanimate metal in the rain.


According to CNN (because that’s who I chose to look at) the recently dearly departed London Olympiad was very green.

It’s good to see that we, here in the UK, made an effort to do things right. Using recycled materials as much as possible. Surplus gas lines were used.

The boards in the velodrome are from sustainably sourced Siberian Pine.

Does it strike anyone else as odd?

Hang on, why were the pipes surplus, because someone made too many, or have we stopped piping gas therefore will never have to repair the existing lines or because there was a special order for gas piping to build the roof?

The sustainable timeber, how much CO2 was emitted in it’s transportation? Come to that, has anyone calculated the carbon damage to the world from flying in athletes, dignitaries, families, supporters, fans and holiday makers?

Was the concrete poured of an environmental kind, I doubt it because of the strictures on budget.

I do applaud the archaeological work undertaken before the land was forever buried. I also applaud the wetland regeneration, as reported. I wonder ow long funding will remain in place to maintain the systems until they become properly self sustaining.

The greensest way to host an Olympics would be to have athletes compete at home, beamed around the world by sustainably produced electricity the results being reviewed and medals presented to those that had the longest throw, best time whatever. No travel, no expensive stadia, no gas burning torch to pollute the atmosphere.

Or am I just a miserable git?

I see that Bill Gates is spending a fortune of supporting scientific work into alternate toilets.

I quote:

‘The project challenged inventors to come up with a toilet that operated without running water, electricity or a septic system. It needed to operate at a cost of no more than five cents (3p) a day and would ideally capture energy or other resources.’

Er what about composting toilets, they don’t cost anything to run, in real terms. They are undemanding of resources do not use water electric or septic systems, can be made out of almost anything and capture compost which helps build soil fertility. No techy solution difficult to repair or obtain replacement parts produced at a cost of CO2.

I strongly believe in the KISS principle. If you want alternate energy, install solar or wind, use your poo to grow food.


I understand that a new phase of drilling has found evidence that 53 million years ago during the Eocene period there were palm trees, macadamia and baobab growing in Antartica. I can’t wait to see how the nay sayers hijack this. Apparently the scientists have also found Archaea which is a single celled organism that can indicate temperature at the time of their demise.

This is fascinating stuff and shows that life can go on. The investigation concludes that the mean winter temperature in Antartica was ten degrees centigrade, daily summer temperatures were in the 20’s. At the time of the eocene, CO2 levels were, apparently, almost double those recorded today. So in theory if the entire world population were to move to the continental Antartic we could live quite happily, like penguins standing huddled together. Not because it is a way of keeping warm, because there would be no room. The entire world would also have to become pescatorian as it is unlikely there would be much if any land capable of growing food. Who knows how long it would take for the seas to run dry of anything edible.

Furthermore, the Eocene period did not arise, in geological terms, overnight. There was a long period allowing creatures (no humans about then) to adapt to the changing climate. With the rapid increase of CO2 currently being experienced, there is little time for the diversity of creatures necessary to sustain mutually supportive guilds to adapt.  To take just a few examples, plants need to adapt to changed environments, but still need to produce pollen and seed. Bees are needed to pollinate the plants, they need to adapt and the bee population is already stressed by human attack and climate change. Mammals and birds eat fruit and scatter seed in their dung, they too will need to adapt, any one failure leads to a gap in the cycle of nature and, potentially, a failing of the system. These examples are of necessity over simplistic but usefully illustrate the point.

Of course the planet will regenerate, perhaps. But it will do so without people. The ultimate smack in the face from an abused planet.

Think about this, the Eocene was 53 million years ago. Homo Sapiens developed anatomical modernity about 200,000 years ago. The sun has about 5.5 billion years worth of hydrogen left, give or take. It is conceivable that in the time from our demise another civilisation could rise. They will probably use the carbon, stored by the earth from our bodies to fuel their vehicles cause climate change and repeat the sad cycle again.

The earth formed about 4.5 billion years ago, she has run about half of her life, assuming dependence on the sun. Multicellular life is believed to have formed around 580 million years ago. I can’t do the sums but that is about 3.9 billion years for life to even start.

Six million years ago our ancestoral line diverged from that of chimpanzees. The earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago and the planet existed quite happily for 4.4998 billion years before we pitched up 200,000 years ago. For 5800000 years the planet suffered no lasting consequences of our ancestors existence. It would seem that in what the beat of a gnats wing Homo Sapiens have managed to despoil our planet almost to the point of no return.

There is an expression used in these parts, ‘You don’t shit on your own doorstep’. Well, it seems we do.

It seems that food corporations are becoming concerned at the price of meat. It is heading toward becoming a luxury item again. Of course that will effectively mean less money for the retailer because fewer people will buy. Governments and the UN are also concerned. How on earth will we be able to feed ourselves?

Insects are the answer apparently. Apparently a new name has been invented, mini livestock. Aw please, a cockroach by any other name …

There are millions of people in the world who manage to live perfectly happy fulfilling worthwhile lives contributing to society and the economy who are vegetarian. If people want to eat meat and it costs lots then they will have to pay. Insects are famine food. Do the food giants believe that the world will want to survive on Beetle burger and slug salami (OK not an insect I know but you get the idea) Spider Sausage etc. Permaculture and organics can lead the world out of food poverty. If money from the UN or governments / big business was invested in teaching and setting up Permaculture sites to educate the masses there would be abundant food gardens accross the planet, even in currently arid regions.

Of course the big food industries would no longer be making money. Instead of sitting at a desk manipulating prices, growing fat and poor health on the labour of poorly paid agricultural workers, CEO’s could actually get out and work. Not so much money, but a healthier, more honest lifestyle awaits.

So come on, leave the insects alone. We do not need to kill creatures to survive in this world, the plants can do it for us. Who knows, if we stop killing animals and insects, we might stop killing each other.

Having a lazy morning before going to work I was perusing a few blogs from my favourite people. A thought struck me, perhaps I am being to hard on politicians. I can’t really comment on world politics because I don’t, in all honesty, pay that much attention. There is so much going on at home that I barely have time to deal with all those issues.

The belligerence of little nations appears akin to sms, no not text messaging but small man syndrome.  There are currently issues with Greece, not an international powerhouse since Aristotle and Plato. The UK, diminished in stature by loss of empire but for some reason we (Royal not intended to include me) still think of this Land of Hope and Glory as a world leader in all things.  In reality we are a small offshore island of either mainland Europe or the US depending on who you believe exerts more influence. Argentina, small, poor, apparently ill served by politicians. I suppose it is possible that this country could still be influenced by the Nazi gold and personnel said to inhabit it’s secluded spots, the Nazi’s themselves being driven by SMS Hitler being a short arse.

Are the politicians from these lands as bad I believe they are? Is it possible that actually they are so stupid that they cannot see solutions, even when they are right in front of them?

I am, of course, talking about climate change and planet degradation. The issues with the economies of the world, poverty and huge welfare spending, over consumption and waste. I cannot possibly cover all of these matters in a small badly written blog, I do not have the benefit of a highly exclusive, expensive and elitist education.

Lets look at issues of waste, lack of proper housing, welfare spending and poverty. Governments wring their collective hands and worry about what to do. A solution is suggested but it is not ‘mainstream’ so the idea almost dies through increased regulation. The energy and singlemindedness of one man however, prevails in the end. Mike Reynolds who I have posted about before deserves a Nobel Prize. True he had to modify his approach in the US and other ‘developed’ countries. He had to submit to various building controls which had the sole effects of delay in construction and rising costs. Now, if all those in poverty were encouraged to build their own earthships, from waste material, they would not only remove vast amounts of waste from landfill they would become self sustaining in food and water, they would have no electricity bills and therefore would need next to no welfare payments. In fact if the local equivalent of council tax was abandoned for such properties they may well require no financial assistance at all. Waste is reprocessed right on site. The whole system is closed and everything reused. What is government reaction? We don’t like the construction materials, use new timber, concrete etc. This merely pollutes more and does not remove waste from the planet. A different story in disaster zones where Mike’s ideas are adopted and used to the benefit of the population.

Agriculture, this is unsustainable in it’s present form. There are a multitude of answers available but governments appear to be advised by experts who cannot adopt a multi discipline approach, each pushing their speciality to the exclusion of all other solutions. My hero Bill Mollison, and many others like him, Geoff Lawton and Sepp Holzer to name only two, can view landscapes and land use from a holistic standpoint. Repairing the earth, increasing fertility and production ensuring our continued existence for ever.

The messages are there, loud and clear. The conclusion, politicians are stupid or only concerned for their own glory and financial well being and the rest of us, their kids included, can go hang. The sun is shining today, I am feeling charitable. For today I will accept that Politicians are not evil wealth gatherers serving only self interest, but stupid. I cannot guarantee that position will last.