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Strange, I have always liked Johnny Cash, no that’s not strange. I have seen in him concert, I have listened to his music but without really thinking. San Quentin made me think, with one or two other tracks but I never understood the significance of Big John being called the man in black. Earlier I wrote a post and used Wanted Man as a media insert. This got me thinking about Johnny’s music. I You Tubed him and have just listened to

He says in 3.02 what I haven’t been able to say in thousands of words, I feel inadequate, in awe and grateful.

Miss you John


I heard on radio 4 today that the government have set up a review of the definition of Domestic Violence. If I used that term I would be brought to book by my employer as the politically correct acceptable for is Domestic Abuse.

A political red hot potatoe, but this would seem to be lip service only. Domestic abuse is so important there are insufficient officers to deal with the current level of incidents. The domestic violence review is to look at widening the definition tio include the under 18’s. Potentially every child who argues with their sibling could be potentially viewed as a victim of domestic abuse.

The Police are constantly being asked to meddle in the lives of the citizen whilst not requiring the citizen to take responsibility for themselves.