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It seems that Boris Johnson is showing his true colours. As if anyone really needed to be told he is facile.

He rode to power as Mayor of London on the back of his message that bicycle‘s were good and that he was an avid cyclist. Come on, who swallowed that one. Wasn’t Cameron his fag at Eaton? Boris is related to half the royal families of Europe, both extant and extinct. Who really believed he was a posh toff on a bike?

IF he believed in bikes, why then would he now be toeing the conservative party line in making cars his priority, assuming the Daily Mail’s spin on the story is accurate.

The government, and not the Mayor of London, should actually ban all cars from Greater London, improve public and sustainable transport thereby reducing pollution. Freeing up roads for essential emergency services cabs and commercial vehicles. Reducing noise and air pollution and improving the health of Londoners.

I await the death threats from yummy mummies who cannot live without their Chelsea Tractors.




A peaceful day, sun shining, the South Downs like a reclining venus sunning her curves in the first spring sunshine of the year.

Hunting pink abounds, there are harsh cries on the downs. Yelping harpies no longer filled with their former blood lust. Now hunt and hounds seem content to chase men not foxes. The followers follow, the hounds howl, the hunting horn calls vue halloo but the quarry is either sacks dragged by quad bikes or men in Nike running shoes, ‘just do it’.

No! Please don’t just do it. My stroll up the to the ridge was shattered by 4x4xfar driving past in convoy each blue fumed spewing monster slower, noisier and fouler smelling than the last. Once they had gone the trail was overtaken by quadbikes carrying men with overloud voices to let us know they were ‘hunting‘ (as if we hadn’t guessed, they assume my IQ matches their’s perhaps) all this traffic interspersed with lovely horses carrying less lovely humans, ‘Rather” ‘Eh What’ ‘Good show.’

At the ridge the gathering behaved as hunters have since they first started to chase foxes in this way, stirrup cups, nibbles and bearing down on the footborne peasantry to make them remove themselves from ‘Moi Laaand’ and for God‘s sake stop making the place look untidy.

The only positive was that the fox appeared not to be the main quarry of the day but a piece of foul smelling sacking dragged behind and equally foul quad bike driven by equally foul men.

Once the horse and hounds had outstripped the casual bystanders, glad handing each other at being able to take part in such a spectacular event, there is no telling what hounds found. My guess is the master of hounds took them away from the noxious sack and they probably found some living breathing creature to chase; or am I overly cynical?

Fortunately for me the hounds rode East, I was walking West. A and I left with our thoughts and stunning views across the downs to the Seven Sisters. was the white chalk really stained red? Or was that just my imagination running wild.


No, it seems it was just my imagination (queue song) …

BBC News – Land Rover to create 1,000 jobs at Halewood.

This may be of interest to some who follow this blog. It seems the days of the big gas guzzling best ever 4 x 4 x far are far from numbered.