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I should like to start by saying a Big Thank You to Vicky, I don’t know how you did it but you did.

Here in my little corner of the South East we are in a bit of a rain shadow. Over the last few years the rainfall seems to have been reducing, the hose bans more frequent and drought warnings every year.

This year the ban came into effect in early April and the drought has been declared the worst for decades. Just recently, over the last week or so, we have had the odd bit of rain. Today,

My little patch of suburbia is flooding. So Vicky, thanks for sending the water, I’m very grateful. What’s the secret, having you been doing a rain dance?


After yesterday’s sunshine, we listened with bated breath to the weather man. Yes I am sure he said Sunday will be just the same as Saturday. It’s going to be wall to wall sunshine.

As a result of the very positive prognostication A (quicker to use the first letter of the alphabet than a name. It signifies her importance to me and is much quicker than any other descriptor that would do sufficient justice to her)  and I decided to be off out early. Never mind it’s a bit overcast, the cloud will burn away soon, it will be lovely. No need to take that heavy coat it will be too hot to wear.

A very cold hour and a half later we acknowledged what any self respecting occupant of these Northern Isles knows. Don’t trust the weather forecast. Nonetheless, we had gone out and found the buzzing rally that we had been told about. There were to be huge numbers of vintage 1960’s motorcycles and mopeds. There they all were congregating in a field next to a pub. A and I tried to pick our way daintily between the puddles, ankle deep mud and cow pats. In fact there was a staggering selection of bikes to look at, about twenty or so. 😮

A nice red one,

A lovely silver looking one,

And some others.

I would have taken more pictures but by this time my knees were turning blue. There was a strange man in a Hi Vis jacket trying to sell me something oily from a cardboard box balanced on the back of something that looked like a bicycle with a lawn mower engine strapped to it.  Quick A, while his back is turned run for the car!

It was like the start of Le Mans, tyre’s spinning (sorry didn’t mean to cover you in mud but …) we left in a cloud of smoke. Still being hopeful of some sun we stopped at a lovely village green for coffee and nibbles.

Just one of the quaint houses we could see from our picnic bench. By this time, overcome by what could be a nasty touch of frostbite we beat a hasty retreat home. As I pulled the car onto our drive, the sun in all its glory peered from behind a black cloud and smiled on us. A stiff breeze was still blowing so we ate lunch in the polytunnel. Warm and protected it was actually very pleasant. Over lunch the sun strengthened and it seemed the weather man was right after all. I took a photo of one of my little North facing clematis blooms:

far hardier than I.

As the sun shone we went for a walk in the afternoon. Not wanting to be caught out we took cardigans and jackets. The sun blazed from a cloudless sky, … we carried our cardigans and jackets.

The sky was a lovely azure blue as we walked. We found a willow covered in flowers, the tree was alive with hover flies and bees. I include a couple of final pictures to prove that actually the met office did get it half right, Huzzah.

and finally a blasted oak, or is it just waiting, like me, for spring to burst into leaf

we returned home to home made ginger beer, very alcoholic, and an evening by the fire.

Weather men

Posted: December 15, 2011 in christmas, met office, storms, weather, winter

It seems winter may be with us. The Met Office are predicting wintery storms. Hallo, its December! If it doesn’t get cold windy snowy and icy now when will it. How on earth do people survive in Scandanavia? Cold icy snowy and dark for six months of the year. Can we please get a sense of proportion.  Lets be happy that Christmas may be like the scenes on Christmas card. Play a rousing chorus of white Christmas, toast the season with mulled wine and enjoy a reason to stay in and toast chestnuts on an open fire.