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The silence weeps oozing into the days
Stretching out into weeks and months
The frackers come, smug, oily hands rub
The expectation of profit flows from there very pores
The nature recoils, trees sigh with sadness
The earth made to heave itself skywards
In shafts of despair

A yellow flowering on the trees and fences
A splash of joy and hope unleashed
Strange people garbed in hues both bright and somber
A gathering of ordinary minds joined as one
One purpose many minds power exponentially multiplied
The pawns of the state used to suppress freedom
A bad law misapplied a legacy of Thatcher

A week or two pass our masters gaze distracted
The people remain with their black clad chaperone
Cameron is diverted he smells oil in the air
Petty politics rises with votes to beat him
His cabinet wail at lost trips oe’er the pond
They have no clue of plebeian muses
Mutterings in corners not seen by the great

The drones are restless things fall apart
Money is worthless life beyond our means
The devil strides the world disguised corporate
Gekko the model, greed is the king
You fanfare destruction our green earth is dying
Small steps derided economy ignored
The way forward is spend buy and store.



Posted: November 3, 2012 in Poem

Chemically induced torpor
Sleep deepens blacker
Night visions, jumbled dreams
Weird sights, conjoined memory

Day dawns cold and clear
Head muzzled by slumber
Leaden limbs, dragged upright
Head to chest, downcast droops

The dark wet streets beckon
The steel road to employ calls
The snorting mare, fails at the first
Steel seats cold, numbing flesh

A walk through muffled silence
Windblown droplets fall from quercus
The dark slowly lightens, like veils from eyes
Revealing grey, dark, damp

Yesterdays torpor replaced today
By thoughts mostly bright
Mid afternoon, eyelids close
Thoughts of home, returning


Posted: September 6, 2012 in crime, Justice and Fairplay, Poem, Police, sun
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The dark depressing hours pass,

The screen flickers burning the back of my eyes,

The dross of society keeps me busy,

Damaging our society.

The victim, lost, confused and scared,

Lays blame where they can,

You should have prevented this

Where the hell were you?

Dawn filters through the mist,

The light grows bright and strong

Words burn on the screen tumbling

From my fingers.

Reports all done time for home,

The engine roar brings sanity.

Few cars abroad on the twisty

Cold dawn air to waken me


Posted: September 4, 2012 in Poem
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Your words strike like axe blows,
My heart is sundered by the froe of your emotion,
My nerves are stripped by the shave of your eyes.

A reported word received heals like balm,
Another’s meeting restores riven nerves,
Agreement withy binds parts sundered.

Peace descends and darkness fades,
Your news returns to empower and embolden,
A wholeness, like coppice growth, returns.



The young boy sits,

In a field of plenty,

Bugs flit in the summer sun

His whole life beckons

A world of possibility.


The teenage lad walks,

The streets familiar

His new girl by his side

Can life get better?

The future all anticipation.


The young man sits

on a barren plain

rounds like angry bees

his life on a thread

red staining foreign sand


The wiser man forgotten

by those who pass him by

spare no change to ease his pain

he has no roof no walls no food

but medals shine in sodium glare


The old man sits

In the cold grey streets

bloated and green

a rat climbs from his mouth

A hero from the war


Said Pickle to her Pa I’m going West with John
To drive around America, you know I’ve worked quite hard
We’re going in a few weeks I thought I would come home
To save my money not spent on rent and food just so that we can go

Pa and Ma then feed the child (and her boyfriend too)
They are a delight to have at home, a laugh a smile … a moan
Comes the day, ‘Do you need some cash?”
No thanks Ma we’ve saved and saved we’ve got enough we’re sure

First week down, not a sound, the ‘phone lies quiet, idle
second week starts the silence grows, I do hope there OK
Second mid week ‘phone springs to life, ‘Of cash we have run out’
Just three hundred will do the trick paid in today, that’s right.

Another day, passes by, the ‘phone rings once again
We forgot the airport transfer Thursday, could you put 50 in?
A dreadful day for Ma and Pa not chance to bank the cash,
It’s all fine there is no rush Pickle said we have got cash

That evening at 11 am the Pickle calls once more
Explain our sin oh dear oh dear they’ve only ten bucks more
Her ‘phone is took she knows not when you can’t call me anymore
John’s phone doesn’t work so we are stuffed we cannot make a call

This morning’s plans gone up in smoke to bank I wend once more
No sleep last night concern for her and for John did they eat at all,
On her return we are going away Ma Pa and Pickle too, our cash we’d saved
For our holiday, now spent in Californ i a rather than in Suffolk!


Posted: April 30, 2012 in Poem

Tumbleweed in ventricle
empty space silent echoes
once filled with sights and sounds

Sun rises on, This day
deepening darkness
driving chills deeper to the core

hope like a limescale tap
slowly slowly weakens
reach out touching nothing …