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I have been sad for the last few days. My poor little 1963 Raleigh Runabout failed it’s MOT.

Now, I have never been mechanically minded, but I am slowly learning (what’s that about old dogs and new tricks) how to come to grips with 1960’s British / French engineering.

Fortunately the only issue was a broken and loose spokes and a couple of nuts that needed tightening.

Now, where can I get some spokes for a 1963 moped? Fortunately my new best friend raleigh-ace was able to provide precisely the thing I needed.

Wheel removed, tyre taken off, disaster. What looked like the original tube, covered in patches begins to disintegrate in my hands. I now have only 48 hours before the MOT advisory expires and I will have to pay for a whole new test. Cunning plan, use the rear wheel off my other Runabout.

All went well until I realised the sprockets needed to come off and then having done that, the brake cables on Red Raleigh weren’t long enough for the White Bike’s break adjuster. S**t.

Spokes fixed on the Red Raleigh wheel, this took about 10 minutes. I then spent three hours trying to mend punctures, holes, perished rubber. I knew from experience that the tubes are not that easy to come by.

Finally, my bike passed it’s MOT, just before the advisory expired. The icing on the cake, Rob my very special mechanic had an inner tube in stock and having seen this bike for the first time has christened it, ‘The Beast‘.

I am now back on the road and ready to burn up the town, at a whole 33 miles per hour! Apologies for the poor camera work!


I have been quiet for a while. I have been struggling through a dark period, the Stygian gloom produced by another human being whose actions, petty and absurd, have caused me to enter a dim dark lonely place at the very edges of reason.

Salvation comes in many forms. In my case a couple of 1960’s moped’s in need of TLC. One now runs as sweet as a summer breeze the other is waiting for one final part before, hopefully, taking to the open road at a breakneck 20 mph. 

My Toy

Posted: December 16, 2011 in moped, raleigh runabout

Welcome to a pic of one of my toys. A 1962 Raleigh Runabout. Currently it is in my garage waiting to be ‘fettled’. My other one is due to be MOT’d and returned to me soon.