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The Pussy Riot have been found guilty, the sentence has been passed. Putin‘s Russia is being portrayed as descending into a Stalinesque condition.

I have mentioned the Pussy Riot before. Not being religeous it doesn’t particularly bother me that they did what they did in a church. I can see it would upset believers. But whatever happened to turning the other cheek?

To quote from CNN:

‘While their actions outraged many of Russia’s faithful, their high-profile trial prompted international concern about freedom of speech in Russia.’

The piece, which can be found here:

appears to be broadly supportive of the girls. I wonder what would have happened if a similar protest had taken place at a similarly holy site in the US? I specifically exclude Native American holy sites because we know how they have been treated by the whites over the years. No, I am talking specifically about a WASPish or Catholic house of worship. In my bones I feel the result would likely to be the same.


I find it perverse that each time this august institution raises its head, there is always ammunition to shoot it down. I have read that the church are again partaking in the debate about same sex marriages. The Catholics are up in arms, at least the arms not wrapped around the nearest choir boy!

The Catholic church seems to be permanently out of step. Surely the good book says love thy neighbor, my neighbors all happen to be boys.

What a shame we cannot go back to the good old days of the inquisition, we could murder rape and pillage our way across society at will, as long as we wear priestly garb and talk Latin. The Pope is allegedly an ex Nazi, his church is grabbing fortunes from the poor and destitute. It refuses to help the impoverished by allowing birth control. It houses alleged child molester‘s retiring them off to ‘secure’ church backed accommodation.

Christ would, I believe be ashamed that he spawned such an instrument of unfairness, bigotry and discrimination.