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It seems that Boris Johnson is showing his true colours. As if anyone really needed to be told he is facile.

He rode to power as Mayor of London on the back of his message that bicycle‘s were good and that he was an avid cyclist. Come on, who swallowed that one. Wasn’t Cameron his fag at Eaton? Boris is related to half the royal families of Europe, both extant and extinct. Who really believed he was a posh toff on a bike?

IF he believed in bikes, why then would he now be toeing the conservative party line in making cars his priority, assuming the Daily Mail’s spin on the story is accurate.

The government, and not the Mayor of London, should actually ban all cars from Greater London, improve public and sustainable transport thereby reducing pollution. Freeing up roads for essential emergency services cabs and commercial vehicles. Reducing noise and air pollution and improving the health of Londoners.

I await the death threats from yummy mummies who cannot live without their Chelsea Tractors.



My 1960’s Raleigh Runabout’s

Yesterday started quite horribly wet. It was almost like April can be, warm but raining quite hard. A day for the indoors, yawn. To my sheer delight after a couple of hours the clouds parted and the sun shone with that pale brilliance that I always associate with the spring. I checked my garden. My trees are budding nicely. My North facing clematis is a riot of bloom and all was well with the world.

As a perfect antidote to the slothful morning, the usual round of tidying and cleaning my significant other and I decided to let the housework hang and go for a ride on our recently restored Runabouts. There is nothing quite like the grin inspiring feeling of the wind full in the face while screaming along at all of 18 to 19 miles per hour whilst puffing small amounts of blue smoke.

It is quite insane. It is not just the rider that gains immense pleasure from these tiny machine’s. Pedestrians, and yes sometimes those cagers stuck in their 4 x 4’s look, point and smile. Children who have never seen such mechanical minnows before stare longingly. That looks like a Proper Bike.

Three quarters of an hour later we return home having had a blast that lasts the entire day. I highly recommend buying a Raleigh Runabout and having some quality FUN.

Two wheels are always better than four