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Enough of the ranting already, time to prove there is more than a little joy in thepigpen. A 15 minute stroll from our house is a wood.


I love woods, a closed and closeted environment which surrounds a soul in womb like comfort. The scuffle of small animals in decaying undergrowth, the song of birds stirring in the dank air to mark and guard their place. The open glades and denser thickets, such a huge variety of space in such a small area.

The patch of soft earth near badgers set to be avoided, the sudden dart of doe in undergrowth. The unexpected opening of the canopy reveals the raptor soaring overhead. The path leads to a small stream where Robin sings and cavorts at waters edge, the unexpected sight of a house.

A perfect day whatever the weather.

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Weather men

Posted: December 15, 2011 in christmas, met office, storms, weather, winter

It seems winter may be with us. The Met Office are predicting wintery storms. Hallo, its December! If it doesn’t get cold windy snowy and icy now when will it. How on earth do people survive in Scandanavia? Cold icy snowy and dark for six months of the year. Can we please get a sense of proportion.  Lets be happy that Christmas may be like the scenes on Christmas card. Play a rousing chorus of white Christmas, toast the season with mulled wine and enjoy a reason to stay in and toast chestnuts on an open fire.