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Today was a gorgeous day. The sun finally put in an appearance about 11:30, by which time I was already on the plot. I had already managed some time planting a week or so ago and today, peas, cabbage, radishes, goji berries and raspberries are all starting to leaf. A warm day fine for a bit of fencing, merely intended to stop the raspberries hanging over the paths as they did last year.

Coloured poles placed, bunting set, old artichoke plants dug out, the end of the purple sprouting taken and rooted out. My private little world clean and tidy once again.

Afternoon sun induces torpor. Normally we would walk six miles or so, fairly brisk to try and keep the blood from clotting in the ever reducing arteries. However, today we managed 2.4 miles in 2 hours, what on earth were we doing?

We started near a pub, but dedicated to the cause of exploration we didn’t stop but passed through into the green. The sky was blue, the larks were up, sheep bleating in their pasture. Nothing disturbed the peace save the overhead buzz of a biplane, presumably taking pleasure seekers on a short flight from Shoreham Airport, the oldest in England apparently.

Having walked a mile or so we found a convenient wee bench providing views over the Downs and weald of my own saelig Sussex.

We made a new friend today, Jack. He ran to greet us with wild abandon. Sadly, too quickly he realised we 1) had no food, 2) weren’t who he thought we were 3) had no dog with us so he turned, sniffed and capered back the way he had come.

Having spent a good while gazing at the view which pictures cannot do justice to we continued passed the newly renovated Oldlands Mill.


The sun and fresh air having done their work we returned to the car before we realised the time. We emerged from the green as if returning from an enchantment, plunging once more into the traffic and chaos of a normal Saturday.


What a beautiful day

Posted: December 15, 2011 in crisp, sun, weather

Having been fed doom and gloom by the weather man it has been a beautiful day. Cold and crisp for sure, but the sun has been up in a clear pale blue sky. The only blot on the landscape was being at work.