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Well at last, it seems that the message may have permeated the meat heads who sit at the highest level. Cameron has lost a vote in the house to engage in another pointless war for oil.

I would like to say that common sense has prevailed. Our political masters have finally understood that the common people have no appetite for another protracted war. Why would we want to send our sons and daughters to a conflict in the Middle East that will never be resolved by the West?

I would like to say that common sense has prevailed, but honestly? In all probability the nay votes probably seized the opportunity of defeating an unpopular government in the absence of some ministers. Is it a sensible decision or just a cheap political shot? We will never know.

I understand the reason why Cameron and the other hawks are so keen on a war. They can sit in the bath and dream they are Churchill or Thatcher while they play with their plastic boats and troops. I may be wrong, nut I think Paddy Ashdown is the last government minister who had some understanding of conflict and the effect it has on people.

I have seen some things I would rather not have. Mine was nothing but a grubby little insurgency, not even called a war but expressed as ‘the troubles’. I have no desire to see good men being sent to their death, or worse for those young fit healthy men who lose a limb or two, an eye or their mind. They reap a lifetime of agony for what?

It seems to me sitting in a sweltering office, low on resources and morale, that the real reason is two fold. First oil, second so that Mr Obama thinks we are very nice poodles who do just what we are told. I have seen a report today relating to the outcome of the vote, I quote:

‘Chancellor George Osborne says he expects some “national soul searching”.
Those who argue a fundamental change has taken place put it like this: when Parliament stops the prime minister taking action, and risks straining relations with the US, how can the UK conduct an outward-looking foreign policy with any confidence?’

Do our politicians really believe that the average man in the street holds the US in such high regard? I don’t. To misquote John Cleese, ‘What have the Americans ever done for us? Oh yes, lease lend. That nearly caused the country to be bankrupt. They used the debt to force the British government to evict British Citizens from their homes so that the US could use their Island home as a static aircraft carrier. Is it not better to ‘strain relations’ with the US then send our own sons to die in the sands of a country where they are not wanted?

We in the West feel we have some god (Christian) given right to interfere in the affairs of others, as if we know best. While we were hunting animals for their skin Muslim scholars were creating palaces with running water in the desert. They studied astronomy and mathematics and reached heights of intellectual understanding that no-one in the West could be bothered to even contemplate. Islam is one of the big three world religions. As with Christians, they do not have a single ethnic background. If the people of Syria need help to overthrow a corrupt and violent regime, can they not seek help from their near neighbours? I understand the Germans have said they have not been asked for help and have no plans to send troops. Is this not a stance that Britain could learn from?

Instead of gazing West enthralled by the tales of derring do that come from the allegedly United States, should we not look to our closer neighbours. We are a small country, struggling with debt. The cost of any further military intervention will cost billions. Far better use that money to try and eliminate child poverty. Prevent people trafficking, build reasonable housing for those not sufficiently wealthy to by a manor. Is this not what the British Parliament should be endeavouring to achieve.

Or are the Politicians more concerned with greasing their own palm and enjoying time with the ‘leader of the free world.’


Cameron said to Mrs may

My chums they feel the pinch

It’s up to you and Winsor too

To find some cash now do your bit

So Tom consulted, advised, considered

Report it followed first report

‘The upshot is, the Rozzers CAN

help out Cameron’s chums.

Reduce their pension, for which,

They can pay for longer more,

Work longer years to qualify,

For less than they got before.

Fitness test will reduce the old,

They’ll be forced to early retire,

They’ll never serve out ‘til the end,

So we save even more.

May goes to Cameron with her plan,

‘Oh wizard wheeze indeed.

My chums can find a use for this,

Another Lamborghini.

Cameron plays with family,

Its Sunday no work for he,

His mates have come for caviar,

Champers, oysters and some tea.

The UK government under Cameron and Clegg (the silent partner) is increasingly coming under fire for a lack of vision. There is no policy save to repeat the mantra we must improve the economy. Even Tory MP’s are getting in on the mud slinging. A Tory MP states Cameron is remote, doesn’t know the price of a pint of milk and just hangs with the posh kids, I paraphrase. The BBC reported it thus:

‘One of Mr Cameron’s own MPs, Nadine Dorries, has called him an “arrogant posh boy” with “no passion to want to understand the lives of others”.

That was yesterday’s news. Mr Cameron appeared in an interview, looking fresh faced as if he had just had a nap / long lunch with his chums / spent ‘quality time’ with his family. He said he was working very very very hard. My question, at what? At least Tony Blair, Beelzebub to his chume, had the decency to look tired at careworn at times. He at least looked as if he was struggling with problems of state.

It seems the Tories may have successfully driven the London Boroughs into creating a Versailles like atmosphere in the capital. Driving the poor away from the doors of the metaphorical palace because they make the place look untidy, despite the Mayor’s expressed abhorrence at the thought of social cleansing. Of course he is another rich posh kid. More on the latest attempt to ship poor people out of London prior to the olympics can be found here The basic idea seems to be to pay ‘Oh, some chap in the North, flat cap, clogs and whippets y’know the sort’ to take the poverty stricken from the Olympic Borough and rehouse them. Sadly ‘some chap’ turned out to be Gill Brown who saw through the cunning scheme and has told the world, well anyone who reads BBC news.

Of course, if we could find out who now owns most of the private rentals in LB Newham, the Olympic Borough, I suspect we might find a smattering of ‘The Chums of No 10’.

I have just seen on the BBC website that the UK government is to investigate the possibility of private funding initiatives for of our road system.

I can see it now, The B&Q Barnstaple By-Pass, Tesco Telford Toll Road ( a speciality being their BOGOFF on roadkill).

Can a world rapidly advancing toward, if we havn’t already arrived at, peak oil seriously be contemplating more roads? Part of the proposal is to look at using hard shoulders to increase capacity on the roads. What a brilliant idea! Of course it takes little account of the needs of the emergency services. If there is a blockage caused by an accident how will fire and ambulance get to the scene? Mr Cameron obviously thinks that Bruce Willis will lend us his Fifth Element Taxi Cab to hover over the crash site.

The government made great play of green politics. They even made a great thing about the fact that the PM rides a bike. Well frankly Boris Johnson, whilst being a buffoon, does seem to take more interest in green initiatives. He has introduced the Boris Bike in London and appears to love buses (according to Mock the Week anyway).

Cameron’s buddies will be put in the position, presumably, of being able to buy a slice of the Toll revenue’s generated by privately funded roads. The only green spin-off may be that road travel becomes more expensive than rail travel making the train a more economical choice.

Our country is blighted by huge swathes of tarmac and concrete already. Our wildlife, upon which directly or indirectly, we all depend is being decimated. Is the answer really to have our road network extended by the hedge fund managers who, it appears to me, only have their own pockets in mind when ‘managing’.

What this country needs is not more profit for Cameron’s sycophants but an integrated transport policy. A policy that makes best use of what is here already. Canals can play a part as can the road and rail network. Long distance gas guzzling journeys need to be reduced. Public Transport, trains buses, bicycle’s in towns and trams need to be made more extensive, connecting, efficient and economic. There was a report in the recent past about more airports or runway capacity for the UK. That could be privately funded for all I care. I don’t fly, that is an environmental choice.

What does Cameron propose we do with all the roads when no-one can afford fuel anymore? Lay astro turf on then so he and his Eton chums can play cricket?

I hear that IDS (Ian Duncan Smith) the failed Thatcher replacement, is to champion families. For a government who like to reward performance, or where bankers are concerned the lack thereof, this could be amusing. Are they going to give families a bonus, and if so when. It could be when an engagement takes place, or on the big day itself. Perhaps when the first born arrives and each subsequent birth.

Silly me, I’m forgetting, the government want to reduce / remove child benefit.

Another thing that Mr Cameron would probably like to introduce would be the ability for state administered thrashings. Of course they probably already have these in the cabinet for all the old Etonian‘s. Wonder what Nick Clegg thinks of being Cameron’s fag, or is that from another public school?

I can almost hear the clamour as the cabinet ministers line up, Theresa May at the front of the queue and all the snivelling little wretches asking ‘Matron’ for a dose of her ‘special’ medicine for all those naughty little boys.

Until the likes of Cameron, Clegg and Milliband actually experience life on a budget (and I mean minimum wage budget) how do they expect to understand the poverty of the masses. In Cameron’s eyes there is probably a famine if Fortnum’s runs out of Pain au Chocolate and he can’t buy his favourite crate raised veal.