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Sadly not me. John D Liu, has put together this small film to highlight the benefits of bio diversity and stable ecosystems. A wonderful view for those who care and have time.

John poses a question at the end. In my jaundiced view the answer is greed and lack of concern for others.

It is also nice to see Rwanda that much blighted country leading the world.



I write this as a result of a link on the BBC website, the governments chief scientific officer states;

Professor Beddington said that a more rational debate was needed.

“We have to think about the future,” he told BBC News. “The future is really quite frightening. We are going to see enormous increases in the demand for GM food and who’s going to suffer when the food prices go up? The answer is the poorest of the poor”.

So if GM crops are used and this affects biodiversity, the insect population in particular, they may be no way for open pollinating plants to be pollinated. If there are no such open pollinators all food production will be dependent on the large seed companies who can produce, while there is oil, the seed grain to grow the crops that ‘feed the world’. What happens when the oil runs out that power the production of GM seed grain and all open pollinating ‘natural’ grain has been destroyed?

That may be unduly pessimistic, maybe the companies can keep produce after oil is depeleted.  By that time they will be able to charge what they want for the seed grain as only they will be able to supply it.

I do not profess to understand the manner of producing GM crops. However, can we trust the judgement of scientists? Some while ago, when the hole was discovered in the ozone layer and there were noticeable / recordable  changes in climate the petro chemical industry was able to fund scientists who would say, ‘There is no such thing as climate change’ ‘CO2 emissions are not a problem’ and the world has carried on consuming as much fuel oil as it can. Does anyone else feel like a lemming? Now it appears that even the hard line nay sayers are revising their view on climate change. How long will it be before the GM is perfectly safe lobby are forced to change their collective minds. Before they realise that the grain they produce, grown in huge monoculture agricultural concerns, have destroyed the bio diversity essential for the well being of the entire planet.

My hero Bill has spoken at length about the interconnectedness of all things. Permaculture offers solutions to problema without creating more problems. No excess waste, no over consumption of energy to produce what is necessary. Layering and the creation of food forests are more likely to feed the population than basically barren fields dependant on manufactured fertiliser and providing little or no habitat for native flora and fauna.

Hands up if you think GM is good for the poor?

I am amazed and heartened all at the same time, the sustainable design award designer Emily Cummins. This young woman has come up with a brilliant solution to a difficult problem. She also talks a lot of sense in this article.

The Sustainable Fridge

Of course we all know why there is no incentive to companies to design and produce sustainable goods, the great public would not need to keep buying replacements and dirty technology is cash cheap technology. It has been there for years and doesn’t need investment in new machinery.

In fact, if we all made a sustainable fridge and reduced the amount of cold store items we buy, we would never need to buy another fridge. It may require a change of lifestyle, a more thoughtful approach to shopping and storing.

If we all lived more local (i.e. did not spend wasteful hours commuting, burning energy, doing work for free for our bosses who don’t give a tinkers cuss for us or our welfare) we would have more time to grow and store our own food.

If we didn’t have our gas guzzlers, of whatever description, there would be less pollution to suffocate the plants. More plants, more traditional non hybridised flowers would equal more essential insects without which we will not survive.

Of course no government would agree to the necessary measures, they want their big cars and expensive estates. Their chums need to be looked after so that, at the end of their reign, they can get a lucrative consultancy. Jet setting off to the four corners of the globe (is that an oxymoron?) instead of using good technology to increase communication without the need for travel.

I have been spending a little time browsing around on here this morning. I found something quite lovely, here

Kind of puts the visible skies here in the UK to shame, at least where I live. The light pollution is so bad that even on my beloved South Downs at night it is hard to get a good view of the sky.

Climate change is something that should concern us all, if it doesn’t exist, would it hurt to make small changes in our individual lives?

If it does exist those changes, by each and every individual may make a change. The clip shows one possibility, what would you do without hot water, electric light curfew’s and …. the kettle

It is the little things we miss.


I don’t read newspapers, their production is wasteful and polluting and recycling, while good, on a broad scale involves the use of energy … bad. Better to use them to grow potatoes, as described by Bill Mollison in the Visionaries programme in the 80’s.

The BBC website is always good for a (nervous?)  giggle though.

Yesterday the UK government were introducing secret trials. One days reporting. What knocked that important matter of the page, hosepipe bans. Now don’t get me wrong, this is important, but more important that safeguarding the liberties and rights of ordinary citizens?

On a positive note, and this falls in nicely with the hosepipe ban, climate change gets a mention. It seems ancient sea shells and planktonic skeletal remains recovered from across the  globe support the Aye sayers and destroy one of the major criticisms of ice core research levelled by the Nay sayers.

When I started to read the report I felt despair, ‘Oh here we go again petro-chemical interests trying to de bunk what is frankly obvious if you walk around outdoors.’ But no, a well researched piece highlighting several causes and concerns over climate change. This is a complex matter but that is no reason to stand idly by with our collective thumbs up our bums and minds in neutral.

Earth wobble may explain some of the issues of climate change but this alone cannot account account for the hike in CO2 in the atmosphere. The biggest producer of CO2 is you and me, driven by our consumerist nature’s. Just look at nature, the green things consume, ie reduce, CO2. What does most of a humans life compose of, exhaling CO2, from their bodies, their cars, their factories, their energy production. How can that not have an impact on the planet? CO2 will after all kill you, that’s why, by law, I have to have a CO2 monitor in my home because I have chosen to heat my home with a log burner!

I was reading a cloudy post this morning, Consumerism (4) – all I need is a pound a day.

It made me think, not the easiest job at 7 in the morning on a sunny day off. I agree with clouds. The more I thought about things the more I realised that action has to be taken now; but the very people who have the power to change the systems currently in place are the ones who benefit most from leaving things exactly as they are.

Back in the dark ages I attended a CND rally in London. At the time it was the biggest, the first attended by 100,000 + people. It was a grand day out, there were floats with well known bands of the day performing live music. A real carnival atmosphere. There were people like me, young, recently married, starting a new career, hopeful. I had a good understanding of the horror of nuclear war, I had been taught what to expect by the army. I had spent a couple of years chasing Russia’s SOXMIS cars waiting for the day when all hell broke loose. I was full of hope.

However, the carnival atmosphere was enhanced by others who attended to say they had been there. They had no real concern, had not the slightest idea of what it was all about. It was a chance to wander around London having a laugh and perhaps get their face on the telly.

Now, the young are less concerned about the nuclear threat, whatever happened to CND? They are still there campaigning but seem to be dropping from public perception. The environment is now seen as more of an issue. The trouble is, by the time the young and involved are of an age where they have power, it will be a) too late and b) they, like many others before them, will have been corrupted by the greed power encourages.

There are ample warnings about climate change, long term environmental damage by large scale industrial pollution and the effect of famine caused by soil degradation. Even if the nay sayers are right it is time for action without which my children and grandchildren will have a pretty shitty time.

There are answers but no political appetite to seize the nettle and act. Individuals can make a difference. If every individual did what they could by way of lowering consumption (Clouds lists some actions that she takes, most could learn lessons there) FOR LIFE not 5 days or whatever, a real difference could be made. Once those changes become a way of life, they can be enhanced by other activity reaching into all areas of life. Who supplies your electricity, don’t use gas (not petrol we shouldn’t use that anyway, no Gas to cook etc) support local ethical enterprise. Don’t support global companies. Avoid supermarket’s and look at natural alternatives to chemicals used in the home.

I still remain hopeful. I still wear my Atomkraft? Nein danke badge. It looks as old and battered as I feel at times, but then I realise there are people who still care. Those of us that do must continue to rail against the inequalities in the system, keep pressing for change. If we give up They have won.