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I see that Bill Gates is spending a fortune of supporting scientific work into alternate toilets.

I quote:

‘The project challenged inventors to come up with a toilet that operated without running water, electricity or a septic system. It needed to operate at a cost of no more than five cents (3p) a day and would ideally capture energy or other resources.’

Er what about composting toilets, they don’t cost anything to run, in real terms. They are undemanding of resources do not use water electric or septic systems, can be made out of almost anything and capture compost which helps build soil fertility. No techy solution difficult to repair or obtain replacement parts produced at a cost of CO2.

I strongly believe in the KISS principle. If you want alternate energy, install solar or wind, use your poo to grow food.



There has been an announcement of water shortages across the UK.Hosepipe bans etc.

The advice appears to be turn off the tap when brushing teeth, take very quick showers, bathe with a friend (quite like that idea actually) and put a brick in the toilet cistern.

I have done all this and more. I just find it staggering that the water authorities seem to think that by saying these things they can abrogate their responsibility, what about repairing the leaking pipes which waste thousands of gallons. As good as I am I probably save about 25% or less. This doesn’t amount to a hill of beans compared to the losses caused by poor infrastructure.

Don’t lecture me until your own house is in order.