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Shoot the rioters?

Posted: December 20, 2011 in arson, firearms, Police, riots

An official review into the summer riots seems to think Police could be given authority to shoot rioters. Only if they are setting fire to commercial property linked to residential property. Hmm is this about protecting citizens or about protecting commercial interests while giving the appearance of protecting citizens? Police officers who discharge heir firearms are investigated, hey are presumed guilty until proved innocent. Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland still vexes the legal system. On what planet do those involved in the review live? If such measures were adopted where would the armed officers be found? For the numbers required to effectively deal with such situations most officer’s would have to be armed. How many would resign rather than carry firearms? I know I would.


Climate Change

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

On Friday I read the news feed online from the BBC. Non believers seemed to be in the majority claiming that climate change science was flawed. The general comment was that we only hear the arguments we agree with. Now, I am concerned at what appears to be climate change. However, I have seen no explanation as to what is happening in the extreme North and South of our world. Frozen Planet, the final programme, dramatically illustrated the changes. Changes that seem to be extreme and for which there appears to be no natural cause.

Today in Brighton

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Brighton, shops

Up early this morning for a quick jaunt to the jewel of the south coast, or alternately the blot on the landscape depending on your view, that is Brighton. What a joy. A clear bright day, blue sky, sunshine and very few shoppers. The best way to take advantage of the pleasures of this offbeat town.

My Toy

Posted: December 16, 2011 in moped, raleigh runabout

Welcome to a pic of one of my toys. A 1962 Raleigh Runabout. Currently it is in my garage waiting to be ‘fettled’. My other one is due to be MOT’d and returned to me soon.

Cold War

Posted: December 16, 2011 in bay of pigs, berlin, CIA, cold war, hungarian uprising

I have been watching company. It is strange being of a certain age where your life, or at least the times you lived through are presented as history AND I am not that old. The series depicts the CIA through the eyes of its operatives in Berlin just after the war (OK I didn’t live through that part but my dad was there) the Hungarian Uprising, the bay of pigs and the breaching of the Berlin wall.
Some of the makeup was a bit dodgy but on the whole the feel of the production was fairly true to life.
Methusalah rides again.


Posted: December 16, 2011 in economy, england, france

I am a fan of history. In the age we currently live in stereotypes are frowned on. However, the old enemy has re emerged in the current climate. The French popping at the English and equally vice versa. Do we Ned a near pimpernel?

Winter has arrived

Posted: December 16, 2011 in winter

Winter arrived today.  All the happy smiling faces turned toward the miracle of snow. Giggling joyous beings, and that was inside the pig pen!