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My anxiety and sense of loss begins to subside. The one and I are now waiting to see what the future holds for us and our children. Exciting times.

I am slightly surprised that Jeremy Corbin has not stood down following the recent furore in the press and parliament.  But then again, he appears to have attracted about 100,000 new members, predominantly young people. Perhaps Jez is banking on a new wave of socially aware members to reform the Labour Party. Perhaps he wants to step left, away from Neil Kinnocks ‘New Labour’ and return to more socialist values. He would, perhaps, be able to form a proper Labour Opposition unlike the Labory party of Brown, Blair and Milliband.

A new socialism could sweep the country with the interests of the nation put to the fore rather than the interests of those in power. I can live in hope.

The other lot are arguing among themselves, should it be May or Leadsom. Now as an incumbent of the Sty I have no love for Mrs May. She may be a ‘local lass’ in that she was born where I now live, but she has not be fulsome in her support for my colleagues and I.

On the other hand Leadsom is a paid up member of the grab the money and run club for bankers. May is equally tainted with scandal so the choice for the Tories is bad or worse effectively.

Our friends in UKIP make the Lib Dems look irrelevant at the moment. However I understand that we are safe.  Whilst at this time there is no leader (bit of a theme, it must be the holidays) it has been announced to the public that UKIP will monitor negotiations to make sure we get what they want. Unfortunately it is not entirely clear what it is that they bring to the table.

So it is exciting times. There is no precedent for what is about to happen. Will the Tories elect the self confessed Thatcher mark 2 or the current Home Secretary. Will Labour keep Corbin or shuffle back to the right for more Tory nonsense. Will UKIP ever have anything positive to bring to the table or just shout about the evil immigrants. Will anyone come up with a plan, who will negotiate with Europe and what will the country look like in 10 years time. I hope I will not be too senile to comprehend.

I have a thought. It has been said that whatever happens there will not be enough time for the PM to run the country and negotiate our exit. If that is true perhaps a Brexiteer could be nominated to negotiate (Boris anyone?) while the PM deals with the country and navigating it and its citizens through this difficult time, ensuring there is no breakdown in law and order. By this I mean attacks on our current migrant population. The business of ensuring economic stability in the transition period and establishing closer ties with our Commonwealth friends, if we have any.

Overall my excitement is tarnished only by my own unease in leaving important decisions about my life and the countries future in the hands of people who have amply proved themselves, time and time again, to be dishonest, untrustworthy and corrupt.

I hope I am wrong.


I see that Martin McGuiness is to relinquish his seat at Westminster.

This is the man who refused to recognise the authority of a court in Eire, a quote from the ever reliable (?) Wikipedia

In 1973, he was convicted by the Republic of Ireland’s Special Criminal Court, after being caught with a car containing 250 lb (113 kg) of explosives and nearly 5,000 rounds of ammunition. He refused to recognise the court, and was sentenced to six months imprisonment. In court, he declared his membership of the Provisional Irish Republican Army without equivocation: ‘We have fought against the killing of our people… I am a member of Óglaigh na hÉireann and very, very proud of it’.

I wonder how it sits with Mr McGuiness to be fighting for a Free Ireland while refusing to accept the authority of the court in Eire. He also holds a seat at the mother of all Parliaments while at the same time abstaining from any involvement although presumably not too proud to accept the ‘Queen’s Shilling’ for his services.

Whatever my personal views of Mr McGuiness, at least there appears to be some sort of consistency in his views. Other MP’s seem to be sway in the breeze, changing their viewpoint like I change my socks.

I am glad that Mr McGuiness is giving up his Westminster seat. He should meddle in the Political institutions he has some belief in, but for my money there is no point in filling his seat with anyone else.  I increasingly form the view that Politics is just a different word for cronyism, corruption and self interest.

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa,

Roughseasinthenmed has written a blog which I just could not ignore. The comments are what got me going as the topics veered from WordPress cahnge to politics. I love this blogging thing.

The comments recommend the need for change in Politics to avoid ego-dictatorship (thanks Andrew made me think). Of course I agree. I mean who would want Cameron / Brown / Blair / Mugabe to preside over our daily lives forever? Our current parliamentary system is the result of many years development from imposed foreign rule (sorry talking UK and her institutions here). William the bastard came to these green and sceptered Isle’s with a trumped up claim to the throne. Why? Because at the time England was a very desirable piece of real estate. It produced far in excess of its own requirements and was therefore able to export. It art and metalworking was the finest in Europe. Politically the country had reached a stable and benign form of quasi democracy. Administration was locally based. Laws and punishments were recorded and developed locally, overseen by the king and his retinue. Claims in law could be settled efficiently. Land was shared and the populace lived in relative harmony with Lords and masters.

Service was part of life and owed to each souls individual master and ultimately to the king. The country was stable and all was roses in the garden.

Following the glorious victory at Stamford Bridge, the Aenglish force marched south to meet the bastard. It was not the pick of men who faced William that fateful day but the King’s retinue and those who he picked up along the way to replace the exhausted and battle scarred. At this point our history and political institutions changed, forever, for the worse.

Had William not invaded, had Harold not lost we could have continued with our benign political system. Our blood would not be diluted by Norse blood and Cameron and his cronies would not be where they are. So, … change is not always a good thing. But as we can’t turn back the clock we are left with voting someone in every five years or so without actually knowing anything about them. Bring back the  witenagemot I say.

I am so pleased that in these times of austerity and belt tightening that those at the very top of the tree are leading by example. Most of the ordinary working people in the UK have had pay rises of less than one per cent over the last couple of years, all doing their bit for the shrinking economy. We are all patting ourselves on the back for our selfless sacrifice for the greater good.

Meanwhile, back in Gotham City, the FTSE 100 CEO’s have managed to husband their resources, save on staff salaries, reduce the work force and award themselves an 11% pay increase according to the BBC.

In 2011 their pay rose by half, according to The Guardian

Noe Thr Telegraph reported today that ‘Michael Spencer, the former Tory party co-treasurer who runs broker Icap, got £13.4 million.’ If my maths serves 11% of 13.4 million is

1 474 000

That is the equivalent of about 67 new Police Officers. 69 nurses, and for a worker over 21 being paid the minimum wage of £6.08 per hour for a 40 hour week (12646.40 for 52 weeks work) a further 116 people could be found work. It will not have escaped your attention that Michael Spencer is, presumably, one of Dave’s mates. A believer in the big society. The Politico‘s lament the rising unemployment figures but cannot find a solution.

How about not taking obscene pay rises, perhaps even reducing or foregoing the odd million pound from your salary on top, and using the cash to create some jobs? I wonder how many people would be able to struggle by on £500,000 a month? What would we spend it on, if Mike could manage to get by on this he could donate 7.4 million to job creation. Now, they would say it is but a drop in the ocean, if all the FTSE CEO’s followed suit it would be a substantial pot. Then of course there are all those who do not fall within the FTSE 100 but still earn in excess of £6,000,000 a year.

Come on Dave, big society, who are you trying to kid. All you want is for the poor to sort their own problems out without inconveniently getting in the way, so you and your chums can party.

Mr Clegg, another posh boy who ought to know better given his parties history has been noticeable by his silence on issues of any importance. Some of the money generated could be used to provide free solar energy for the very poorest, investment in alternative technologies to sustain the country through the impending doom of global warming. Even using the money to research new technologies or to build sustainable housing would be better than having it sit in a fat cats bank account.

It seems that Boris Johnson is showing his true colours. As if anyone really needed to be told he is facile.

He rode to power as Mayor of London on the back of his message that bicycle‘s were good and that he was an avid cyclist. Come on, who swallowed that one. Wasn’t Cameron his fag at Eaton? Boris is related to half the royal families of Europe, both extant and extinct. Who really believed he was a posh toff on a bike?

IF he believed in bikes, why then would he now be toeing the conservative party line in making cars his priority, assuming the Daily Mail’s spin on the story is accurate.

The government, and not the Mayor of London, should actually ban all cars from Greater London, improve public and sustainable transport thereby reducing pollution. Freeing up roads for essential emergency services cabs and commercial vehicles. Reducing noise and air pollution and improving the health of Londoners.

I await the death threats from yummy mummies who cannot live without their Chelsea Tractors.


Apparently, the government are rolling out anti aircraft missiled in readiness for the olympics. They will be deploying not only the army but armed Police, helicopters will be continuously in the skies above the capital with on board snipers.

The explanation, the missiles are to take out commercial airliners should one of those be hijacked in a repetition of 9/11. The airborne snipers will take out the pilots of small aircraft, presumably small turbo prop privately owned type aircraft. All this will be centred on the East end of London.

There is, perhaps, a small flaw in the plan. Following a missile strike, where will the debris land? East London is a very densley populated area. If the pilot is shot, his aircraft will continue to be a very destructive object likely to explode on impact bombed up or not.

The telegraph carries a story relating to the concerns of the locals, which can be seen here:

Gen Sir Nick Parker, to quote from the article; ‘ said military snipers are to be deployed in helicopters to shoot pilots of low-flying aircraft that might be involved in terrorist attacks. He said that as well as the missiles on tower blocks, larger Rapier surface-to-air missiles could be located at Blackheath, Lee Valley reservoir, Shooters Hill and Epping Forest. He said the missiles would only be fired as “a very last resort” and a decision to do so would have to come from the “very highest level” – on the authority of the prime minister.’

Oh well that’s OK then. If the poor little posh boy who has failed miserably in gaining the respect and trust of the population is the one who has the final say on any kill order everything seems to be peachy. Personally I will stay firmly in Saelig Sussex well away from the demon politician of Downing Street.

Cameron’s Big Society, about which he has been quiet of late, obviously doesn’t extend to talking to the people who are about to have the Army based next door with SAM’s bolted to their roofs.




Cameron said to Mrs may

My chums they feel the pinch

It’s up to you and Winsor too

To find some cash now do your bit

So Tom consulted, advised, considered

Report it followed first report

‘The upshot is, the Rozzers CAN

help out Cameron’s chums.

Reduce their pension, for which,

They can pay for longer more,

Work longer years to qualify,

For less than they got before.

Fitness test will reduce the old,

They’ll be forced to early retire,

They’ll never serve out ‘til the end,

So we save even more.

May goes to Cameron with her plan,

‘Oh wizard wheeze indeed.

My chums can find a use for this,

Another Lamborghini.

Cameron plays with family,

Its Sunday no work for he,

His mates have come for caviar,

Champers, oysters and some tea.