Photo pen


I thought perhaps I would share a few images I have taken, a bit like Ernie‘s plays what I have wrote.

This is a photograph of the wide open prairie, taken in Saelig Sussex UK with the moon slowly rising in the background. I just like the colours.

‘Oh look at the shiny shiny.’




This is a photo I took in Glasgow in one of the museum’s, Kelvin Grove I think. I was mesmerised by the disembodied heads floating and spinning of their own accord.



We are the unwilling,

sent by the unqualified,

to do the unacceptable,

for the ungrateful.

Belfast 1977

Afghanistan 2011

No Change

  1. Just noticed your click at my end and wanted to drop by. The prairie moon image is a beautiful click, although I must confess my igorance that I didn’t know there were prairies in your corner of the planet. But of course there must be.
    And your Belfast and Afghanistan clicks are poignant – and sad. No change. I guess it goes to show that change may be legislated but not brought into effect. IMO, change seems rather to be a personal choice – and that is where the hope for change comes in. An individual at a time. Kind of like Mother Teresa’s approach as she helped the dying of Calcutta and brought about change for good.
    Anyhow, thank you for sharing.

    • Not really a prairie as such, just a field on the South Downs, but it kind of has the feel of what I think a prairie moon would have, the colours made me think of those mid western films I have seen.

      I’m grateful for the comment about change. Belfast was personal, and I still remember how I felt. I speak to guys back from the Ghan and see similarities, although much worse for them.

      Was it Katzinsky in All Quiet on the Western Front who suggested the politiciand should slog it out in a field watched by their nations. What a great idea!

      Thanks for stopping by the pen.

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