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The government are supposed to be keen to ‘help’ the disabled / sick back into full time employment. The National Health Service are presumably on board with this. Why then is the NHS threatening to withdraw a  service from a patient, regular blood transfusion. The effect of the withdrawl will be to incapacitate the patient to a point where they can no longer work. At present the patient is employed full time by a public sector employer. Is this a cynical means of saving the country a salary in the public sector and the costs of the transfusion. The benefits payable will be less than the costs of salary and treatment. Of course this situation takes no account of the personal suffering and misery of the individual concerned or the loss of dignity and self respect. Nor does the cost saving take account of the benefit derived by this ‘big’ society of a useful, fully engaged individual who is doing and has always done their part to make the UK a better place.