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Muddling through the maze of other people’s lives as if they, or anyone else, else really cares. It seems strange that as world problems increase in size, the Police seem to be reduced to meddling in the lives of the ordinary citizen. Unwanted, unloved. 

‘Help help please come quick.’ ‘Why are you here F**k off and let us be.’ These are the cries I constantly hear from the ‘customers’ I deal with daily.  

It seems no -one is able to sort out their own life or indeed take responsibility for it. We live in a sound bite age. Politicians, as they have always done, promise much but deliver little. 

Thecountry is up in arms about standards in care homes we are told. The government want positive action. However, the laws are, according to CPS, badly drafted.  Cynical as I am I read this as being drafted to help the care home owners get rich at the expense of the vulnerable. There is no redress for the old and infirm. Close a care home down sure. The managers are not brought to account but we may be able to prosecute a poorly paid, poorly trained carer. Justice is depicted as blind but is she when the law is drafted by the blinkered self obsessed fools of Westminster who have not even one toe in reality?